Join the Active House Award

Join the Active House Award

How to apply for an Active House Award 2017

Step 1: Download Application and formula
Step 2: Send the Application form to Active House
Step 3: Winner will be announced in September during the Active House Symposium


The Active House Alliance invite professional house builders, developers, architects to submit their project on sustainable buildings. This will be evaluated based on the Active House vision and the winner will be awarded with an Active House label.

Active House Label:
The Active House label is a worldwide quality stamp for comfortable and sustainable buildings. It advices on elements that are important to humans life and living in their home.

The Active House label can be issued to buildings that has been evaluated in accordance with the Active House specifications and meet the minimum demands for indoor comfort, energy efficiency and environment. Buildings that have received the Active House label have been designed and evaluated with a combined focus on your comfort, smart use of energy and minimum impact on the environment.

Active House Contest for architects, designers and house builders:
This is a contest open to architects, designers, constructors and students who have developed, or have in mind, a project for an Active House. They are invited to participate to the contest in order to win an Active House label.

Competition process and how to register:
Participation in the contest is easy and simple. Participants has to fill out a form that can be downloaded from the Active House page and send it to the Active House secretariat with a few pictures sketches of the project. The Alliance will upload the project on the dedicated page.


Register your projects by sending the application with relevant drawings, pictures etc. to


Send application to:

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