Are you an architect, investor, house builder, researcher working with sustainable buildings? Or a policy maker working with framework conditions for sustainable buildings? Join the international conversation on user centric design, focus on indoor comfort tools and challenges, and a general innovation perspective.

Presentations and discussions on sustainable building design in an international perspective with specific focus on human well-being.

Case studies based on Active House principles, DGNB certification scheme and more will be presented.

The Active House Alliance invites you to come to Bornholm on 27.-28. September for 2 days packed with high level key notes, workshops on tools, monitoring and policy discussions, and networking with likeminded global sustainability frontrunners.

The 5th Active House Symposium is arranged in partnership with the Green Building Council Denmark.

Green Building Council Denmark contributes to the 5th Active House Alliance Symposium with speakers and a moderator.

Green Solution House is Active House labelled and DGNB certified.


Wednesday 27 September

  • 8.30 Registration
  • 09.00 Welcome by Michael K. Rasmussen, Chairman of Active House Advisory Council
  • Key note by Kasper Guldager Jensen Circular Sustainability
    Panel debate on Evaluation & Certification with Gitte Gylling & Amdi Worm
    Tour of Green Solution House by Trine Richter, Kasper Guldager & Vinay Venkatramen
    The opening session is arranged in partnership with the Green Building Council Denmark
  • Key note by James Ehrlich The future of neighborhoods, regenerative, resilient and self-reliant
    Rob Marsh Nordic Environmental Design Paradox
    Yves Lambert The value at stake
  • Lunch
  • Key note by Terri Peters Superarchitecture: Daylight and Health
    Peter Andreas Sattrup Value creation by architectural design
    Session sponsored by Great Gulf Homes
  • 15.00 Breakout sessions 1 A & B
    Challenges in setting objective performance criteria & Metrics
    Arranged in partnership with Green Building Council Denmark
  • 15.00 Breakout sessions 2 A & B
    When spaces get voices, revising the EPBD and closing the loop
    Sponsored by Modular Skylights
  • 19.00 Dinner & Award 2017 winners

Thursday 28 September

  • 9.00 Loops & Gaps
    Recap on breakout sessions.
    Moderators Mette Qvist & Kåre Stokholm Poulsgaard facilitate debrief from the breakout sessions. Session leads form a panel setup, and present key learnings, main discussion points and the 3 top take aways.
    Plenary Q&A, conclusions and recommendations on follow-up process and next steps.
  • Key note by Jørgen Søndermark Everybody has the right to a better indoor climate – without paying extra: ‘Sunde Boliger’; a 1:1 experiment in Holstebro
    Marco Imperadori Active House in Mediterranean Climate
    Qingqin Wang The brief introduction of the green building development in China
    Alexander Kucheravy Active House promotion in Ukraine and Belarus
    Peder Vejsig Towards a 2025 standard
  • Verifier Diplomas
  • Lunch
  • 14.00 Modern Living bus tour of Bornholm
    Kyllingemoderen – stopover
    Yard – coffee at Bornholm Madkulturhus; regional food culture and tasting Bornholm.
    Hammerhavn & Hammershus visitor centre. Preview ahead of opening.
    Hammersholm or Hasle Harbour baths

    Birgit Stoltz Andersen & Gugga Zakariasdottir from Architects Association Bornholm guides the tour
    Sponsored by ROCKWOOL International
  • 18.45 Arrival in Rønne airport in time for departure to Copenhagen 19.45

    The programme and timing may be subject for changes


Kasper Guldager Jensen
Architect MAA, Senior Partner,Director of GXN
Kasper Guldager Jensen is Senior Partner in 3XN and Director of our innovation company GXN, which we established in 2007 to innovate and apply new knowledge and technology into our body of work. The ‘G’ stands for Green, highlighting GXN’s dedication to ecological design research. The mission of GXN is to develop a building culture that positively affects the world we live in - both architecturally and environmentally. Kasper is passionately engaged in sustainability design, digital processes, and new materials. In the space of a few years he has become a spokesperson for the shape of future architecture, focusing on circular economy and integration of new materials and green technologies.
Trine Richter
Managing Director, Hotel GSH, Green Solution House
Managing Director Trine Richter, former financial advisor in risk management, has developed the Green Solution House project to a groundbreaking hotel and conference center called Hotel GSH. The official opening of the conference facilities was performed by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Denmark the 23rd of April 2015. Hotel GSH is operated with focus on local and organic food, daylight, indoor climate and well being. Hotel GSH proves and seeks new ways to show that sustainability is much more than LED bulbs and solar panels. Hotel GSH shows a holistic approach to sustainability and demonstrates the architectural and operational solutions of tomorrow – today!
Rob Marsh
Arkitekt MAA PhD, kompetencechef & seniorkonsulent, Arkitema Architects
Rob Marsh is an architect specializing in sustainability issues. He is the Chief for Professional Development and Senior Consultant for Sustainability at Arkitema Architects in Copenhagen, Denmark. He holds a PhD in Sustainable Housing Design from the University of Cambridge Department of Architecture.
Terri Peters
Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Toronto, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design
Terri Peters is a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Toronto in Canada. Her research concentrates on sustainable architecture, in particular the human dimensions of green building performance including cultural and architectural qualities, and health and wellbeing. Her recent essay on Superarchitecture argues designers must rethink sustainable architecture and design for climate change to better include health promotion and architectural experience. Her forthcoming book “Computing the Environment: Digital Design Tools for the Simulation and Visualization of Sustainable Architecture” will be out in late 2017. She is a registered architect in the UK and earned a PhD from Aarhus Architecture School in Denmark in 2015.
Peter Andreas Sattrup
Senior Adviser, Sustainability, Danish Association of Architectural Firms
Peter Andreas Sattrup is senior advisor on sustainability to the Association of Danish Architectural Firms. He works to promote sustainability in the built environment by consulting on policy making, communication, competence building and innovation in business models for architecture, drawing on his previous experience as a practicing architect and as a researcher and innovator. He is a very active communicator giving presentations at universities and conferences internationally. Peter Andreas is currently working on documenting the value creation of architectural design.
István Kistelegdi
Prof. Dr. habil PhD., DLA, University of Pécs, Architect, ClimaDesign M.Sc.
Professor Kistelegdi invented an own developed structure, building and settlement scaled planning technique, called Energia Design, in order to being able to create energy plus balance in building industries. His method integrates complex engineering tools, like climate, energy and aerodynamic CFD simulations with focus on defining new boundaries for comfort energy and environmental questions in the built environment. 2015 he was granted with the highest Hungarian award "Dennis Gabor Prize" for technical innovation and its implementation in practice. He studied Architecture in Würzburg, Kassel and ClimaDesing in Munich, Germany. Currently he leads the 'Energia Design Building Technologies' research group at the University of Pécs, János Szentágothai Research Centre and work as visitor lecturer at the Technische Universität München, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt and University of Applied Sciences Wismar. After a professional educational cooperation stay at the Metropolitan University of Denver, Colorado, USA his practical work results in implemented buildings in Hungary: a Holcim Hungarian Award winning Industry and office building, the first dwelling house refurbishment into an Active House in Hungary, and an adaptive adobe demonstration building with moveable building envelope skin and further plans for 118 apartment nearly zero energy residential park, etc. His forthcoming research project deals with artificial intelligence based building design methodology.
Jørgen Søndermark
Project manager at Realdania By&Byg A/S
As Project Manager at Realdania By&Byg, Jørgen Søndermark conceived and executed the project ‘Sunde Boliger’ – in English; ‘Healthy Buildings’ – a project designed to explore new ways to a better indoor climate without compromising budget or energy consumption. At Realdania By&Byg, he previously headed similar experimental projects that investigated carbon, resource and energy reduction, such as the Modern Seaweed House, BOLIG+ and Mini- CO2 Houses. He came to Realdania By&Byg in 2007 from a positionas Head of Communication at 3XN Architects. Jørgen is an architect cand arch and engineer Bsc.
Lau Raffnsøe
MSc in Engineering, Technical Director, DK-GBC
Lau Raffnsøe is Technical Director at Green Building Council Denmark. He has been key responsible in implementation and development of DGNB - sustainability certification of buildings in Denmark. One the most challenging areas of the sustainability certification are the social and functional qualities. Lau has worked closely with the architectural and engineering community on how to set relevant design goals and documentations procedures. Another of his main areas of esxpertise has been to develop Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC) as decision making tools in the design of buildings. He has a background as a consulting engineer and has worked extensively with low-energy buildings, passivhaus design, indoor climate, and other sustainability topics.
Vinay Venkatramen
CEO and founder of Leapcraft
Vinay is the CEO and founder of Leapcraft - a big data driven innovation consultancy. Prior to this he co-founded of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design He has also built a data visualisation academy in collaboration with the Danish Design Center He works at the intersection of design and technology practices, consults to companies worldwide and lectures at various international venues. His current interests are in exploring the design & application of simple technologies to solve some of the world’s wicked problems. Vinay is based in Copenhagen, Denmark but he frequently works and travels globally.
Marco Imperadori
University Full Professor, researcher and designer
University Full Professor, researcher and designer, Marco Imperadori, focuses his interests in high energy- efficient buildings, Structure/ Envelope Building Systems and in general Sustainability. He is Msc and PhD in Building Engineering. Lecturer and Visiting Professor in many Universities and Institutions worldwide. Since 2015 visiting professor at USJ Macau. Author of scientific publications and essays. Founded in 1998, with Valentina Gallotti, Atelier 2, design studio placed in Milan, winning national and international awards and prizes, for applied experimental and academic research projects in practice. Currently Rector’s Delegate for the Far East representing Politecnico di Milano in Asia. Scientific coordinator of the international prize Compasso Volante Responsible for Politecnico di Milano in the building Resilience Network Android (EU-LLP). He is member of Fondazione Pesenti board, member of CasaClima scientific committee, member of Promozione Acciaio sustainability committee and scientific consultant of Federlegno Arredo. Currently he represents Politecnico di Milano in the Active House Alliance.
James Ehrlich
Founder of ReGen Villages
James Ehrlich is the Founder of ReGen Villages, a spin-off company inspired in part by Stanford research during the Solar Decathlon, and a UN Sustainability Brief co-authored by James Ehrlich, Professor Larry Leifer, Chris Ford (AIA) from the Stanford Center for Design Research on the future of tech-integrated real estate development in the built environment that power and feed self-reliant families. James Ehrlich is also a Senior Technologist at Stanford University, Senior Fellow at Opus Novum consortium at NASA Ames and an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab at the Center for Design Research. A serial entrepreneur in Silicon Valley for over 25-years, James successfully founded and managed technology and media companies with successful exits. For nearly a decade, Mr. Ehrlich executive produced an award-winning national public broadcasting series based on case studies of organic and bio-dynamic family farms, that at its apex reached over 35-million homes each week, and is also the co-author of a best-selling companion book on Hachette, Organic Living.
Mette Qvist
CEO of Green Building Council Denmark
Mette Qvist has been CEO of Green Building Council Denmark (DKGBC) since the establishment of the secretariat in 2012 and has had a key role in both strategies and execution of the mission and vision of the organization. Mette Qvist holds an MBA from Copenhagen Business School and has experience from international marketing positions from e.g. Novo Nordisk and Coloplast prior her post in DK-GBC. DK-GBC is a non-profit member association with 282 members. The organization is founded by the Danish construction industry for the purpose to disseminate knowledge about sustainability in the industry and the Danish society in general. DK-GBC also carries out sustainability certification of buildings and urban areas in Denmark. When the association was established in 2012, the industry chose DGNB as the Danish sustainability system.
Qingqin Wang
Vice-President of China Academy of Building Research (CABR)
Qingqin Wang, Male, BEng. MSc. DPhil. Professor Rank Technical Expert, is the Vice-President of China Academy of Building Research (CABR) and enjoys a high reputation as a distinguished engineer in the area of building energy efficiency, green building, indoor air quality and formulation of related standards. Over the 30 years of professional career, he has led or participated in 19 research projects funded by EU, EPSRC, Global Environment Facility, China Ministry of Housing and Rural Development (MOHURD), China Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Energy Foundation and relative corporations with a total amount of £750 million, published 19 specialized technical books, 148 articles and claimed 3 patents. Besides, he is the main editor or reviewers of 14 national standards and 6 industrial standards.
Günther Gantioler
Environmental consultant and construction biologist
Born in 1969, is a graduated energy-, environmental consultant and construction biologist. He has been informing handcrafters, planners and private persons for years since 1989 about energy saving building. In 1995 he met the passive house concept and concentrated his work on applying passive house technologies in Mediterranean locations and passive house renovation of historical important buildings. He published several technical journals with focus on energy efficient constructions. In 1999 he founded TBZ as a consulting institute for passive house constructions with the focus on combine energy efficiency and materials for healthy constructions. 2012 he founded the Passive House Institute Italy to improve passive house know-how in Italy. In 2013 he worked in the founding group of the Global Passive Building Council and became the founding president. Since 2015 he is organizing the Active House Group for Italy and from 2016 the scientific director of Active House Italiy.
Michael K. Rasmussen
Senior VP Brand at the VELUX Group.
Michael K. Rasmussen is Senior VP Brand at the VELUX Group. Having promoted roof windows for more than 20 years, Michael K. Rasmussen knows his share about the importance of daylight and fresh air in sustainable buildings. Michael is a strong proponent of innovative and sustainable solutions and creating more sustainable living in buildings – meaning exploiting the sun as an inexhaustible energy source, high energy efficiency and a healthy indoor climate in private homes and commercial buildings.
Yves Lambert
Alexander Kucheravy
Alexander Kucheravy is an architect from Belarus. More than 10 years working with energy efficient projects using holistic approach. Became an active house verifier in april 2017. Participated in Active House Guidelines design in 2015. Realized two projects based on Active House principles. The first Multi-Comfort House in Belarus in 2013 and OptimaHouse in Ukraine in 2015. Absolutely shares sustainable development ideas. Implements Active House vision in his architectural practice with adaptation to local climate, culture, economic conditions. Since 2015 living and working in Ukraine.


Green Solution House

Strandvejen 79 DK-3700 Rønne

Further info about the venue:

Green Solution House is the winner of the 2016 Active House Label Contest.

Circular sustainability
Green Solution House is more than a building. It is a neighborhood, a community, and an island coming together to explore and demonstrate circular sustainability.

A conference center and hotel on the island of Bornholm developing innovative green solutions. Regenerative architecture with an aspiration to eliminate the concept of waste.

A holistic approach
The vision for Green Solution House is to be a demonstratorium for circular sustainability with three goals 1) to demonstrate green solutions 2) to promote continuous improvement and 3) to enable knowledge sharing. The design of the building itself is based on several parameters to show a holistic approach to sustainability. The building has been certified to DGNB standards, documented as an Active House and accepted in the Cradle to Cradle registry.

The renovated hotel rooms and new conference building reaches out into the surrounding nature park where seasonal lakes ensures that all water is handled on site and creates habitat for local biotopes and red listed species.

The quickest connection to Bornholm is via air transport, 35 mins.

Suggested flights:
Fly from Copenhagen Airport 7.30 on 27. September and back on 28. September at 19.45

There will be a joint transportation to and from the conference for these flights.

See a map here:

Attendees reserve individually overnight stays.
Staying at the Green Solution House costs 975 DKK / 130€ pr night including eco breakfast in connection with the symposium.

Please reserve your room through the following email address:

Nominated for Sustainia Award 2013, Commercial Building of the year 2015, included in The Cradle to Cradle Registry 2015, The EU Environmental Award 2016, Winner Active House Award 2016, Nominated for the EU – Mies van der Rohe Award 2016


You can register to the conference by completing the following form.

  • Members of the Active House Alliance & national alliances 150 €
  • Partnership organisations 175 €
  • Non members 200 €

The cost includes: two days conference, two lunches and one dinner.

For the accomodation, attendees can book separately they staying at the Green Solution House for a forfait cost of 975,- DKK (one night including eco breakfast).

Registration form

For payment, please use the information below:
Active House
3000 DD Rotterdam

Account number
IBAN NL65ABNA0467255180

Thank you for your registration!

Accommodation & Travel Information

Attendees can reserve separately their staying at the Green Solution House for a fee of 975,- DKK (one night including eco breakfast) in connection with the conference.

Please reserve your room through the following email address:

Further info about Green Solution House:

How to get there: by airplane to Bornholm from Copenhagen (30 minutes)

Travel info:

Modern Living of Bornholm

Bornholm is the sunniest part of Denmark, situated in the Baltic Sea. Apart from chalk cliffs, soothing forests, bleach-white beaches and a pure, ethereal light that painters do their best to capture, Bornholm pursues an ambitious sustainability plan.

In 2008, the regional municipality decided a plan for the island to be CO2 neutral and 100% sustainable by 2025. The community also works as a test bed for larger country-wide solutions.

The Symposium participants will get a chance to see Bornholm on a (clockwise) bus tour, with stops at the sustainable highlights, and local snacks and tasty foods.

The bus carries the luggage and ends at Roenne Airport in time for the flight leaving 19.45 to Copenhagen.

The #ModernLiving Tour of Bornholm
is sponsored by Rockwool International.
Rockwool International


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Active House – a holistic approach

Active House is a vision of buildings that create healthier and more comfortable lives for their occupants without negative impact on the climate – moving us towards a cleaner, healthier and safer world.

Active House – a vision

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Active House Label

The Active House label is a worldwide quality stamp for comfortable and sustainable buildings. It advices on elements that are important to humans life and living in their home. The Active House label can be issued to buildings that has been evaluated in accordance with the Active House specifications and meet the minimum demands for indoor comfort, energy efficiency and environment.

Design Guide

The Active House design guide give a very general guide in the design of an Active House, it explain in general terms topics that need to be taken into consideration to design an Active House.


The section “Specification” include the Active House specification for dwellings and include the specification in English and German for download. You can give comments to the individual parts of the specifications

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