Active House Cases

cases_imageThe following cases are examples on projects that has included the Active House vision into their design parameters. The projects have been uploaded individual by the architect, designer, developer, owner etc.

You are also welcome to upload cases with relevant explanation about the 3 topics Comfort, Energy and Environment.

Cases that are fully explained and have an Active House Label or an Active House Radar designed or as an alternative to this, has been designed with high ambition within the 3 topics (Comfort Energy and Environment), will be evaluated by the web master and if relevant they will become highlighted cases, that can become project of the month.

You only need a login to upload your personal project, please register as user to get login password.

All uploaded projects will be connected to the Press feed, from where relevant articles and press materials will be identified. Projects that are not described properly can be removed from the site by the webmaster.

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