Bob Burnett
City: Addington
Country: New Zealand
Profesion: Architects
Contact information:
Bio: Bob Burnett Architecture has championed energy-efficient, environmentally sound architecture for two decades. Designing, funding and managing his own development projects to demonstrate leading international best practice. Bob designed New Zealand's first 7,8,9 & 10 Homestar rated homes. His ethos is to create both beautiful and high-performance buildings for better health, comfort and wellbeing. He wants to help people understand the link between New Zealand's suboptimal building code standards, that are 20 years behind other OECD countries and alarming health and wellbeing statistics and frightening environmental record. In 2015 Bob founded the Superhome Movement, which has gained momentum nationally. He also co-founded Quakestar rating system after the Christchurch earthquakes. Recently Bob was awarded the Sustainability Superstar award by Sustainable Business Network.
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