Julio Silva García
City: Argamasilla de Calatrava
Country: ES
Profesion: Distributor of buildings in wood and builder
Contact information:

 www.honkamajatnatur.es honkamajat@honkamajatnatur.es casasdemadera@honkamajatnatur.es Telf: +34 661 676 310

Bio: HONKAMAJAT NATUR (Bio-ActiveLogHaus ENERGY-TECNOLOGY) This company was born with the purpose of introducing a new concept of buiildings and houses into the world of wood construction, adapted to the new times and to the new needs of the people and of the planet in which we live.    Our line of action is framed and addressed to all those people who still want to build a modern building, do not want to give up the comfort, quality and quality of wood, as a primojénito natural and renewable element.    A new paradigm in the building of wooden buildings is the one we are creating, [it will be applied in this new year that we enter (2017)], where these, not only consume little energy, but are the very elements that make up the building Which create their own energy. We are adapted to the tastes and needs of our clients, always taking into account the place where the building is going to be built, its location, its surroundings and its orientation. This new building paradigm has 4 fundamental and differentiating key points. 1. As a great differentiating point, the buildings we build, generate energy by themselves, the walls, windows and roofs are active, we include our renewable energies in our constructions, in an integrated way in our buildings. This means:     1.1. We do not generate visual pollution, with elements such as solar panels, whether thermal or photovoltaic. Our energy collectors are fully integrated into our buildings, making them invisible. (Many people reuse renewable energy installations as unsightly elements that visually damage Building Architecture.)    1.2. Our buildings are Active. Because the elements of our buildings, such as walls and roofs, generate their own energy, both solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy, which implies that our buildings pay for themselves because of the energy generated by their own structures Their insulating properties they possess. 2. It takes into account the maximum comfort of the people who will occupy our buildings. With large spaces and lots of natural light in all rooms. 3. "Our Buildings Breathe". It takes into account the maximum quality of indoor air throughout the building, both with mechanical ventilation systems and with natural cross ventilation. Due to the materials we use for our construction the whole building "breathes", making it free of moisture and mold. They are healthy buildings. 4. Our buildings have a minimum consumption of energy, thanks to the main structure that compose them, to the insulation and other constructive elements that form them. As happens with the water, we have recycling systems and rainwater collection, to be used.      4.1. We only build with natural insulation, this together with our laminated solid wood structure, makes us have 100% Natural buildings.
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