Tamago 115

Tamago houses are based on a unique and registered technology UrbanTECH®. The structural compound element is comprised of modular blocks UrbanBLOCK®. These innovative ideas for comfort dwelling will be implemented in first TAMAGO houses 115 m2 in Belarus and Ukraine.


Each element consists of an odd number of wooden plates of either a curved or rectangular shape. Depending on the trim level, the UrbanBLOCK® is made of either seven (premium) or three wooden plates (basic). Different types of Tomago are planed to realize in Belarus, Ukraine and Europe. The first one is under construction in Belarus. Solutions will be differ depending on climate, economic conditions and prices for energy. 4-radar

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53 % glazing area (to the floor space) mostly from east and west satisfied high daylight level of 5 %. Comfort temperatures inside will be achieved by smart structure design, good building envelope U-values and economically reasonable engineering systems. Natural ventilation will be realized in Belarusian version of TAMAGO, mechanical with recovery 83 % in Ukraine. It helps to achieve CO2 concentration below 1200 ppm and 900 ppm inside house.




30 cm insulation between woodenplates of building envelope and 20 cm in the ground floor are optimal quantity for Belarus and Ukraine climate and economic conditions. In Belarus heating and hot water preparation will besupplied from gas boiler.In Ukraine heat pump for heating and cooling will help to reduce energy use for all needs to 33 kWh/m2. 5 kW power PV cells also are participating in energy demand reduction in Ukrainian solution and can produce 5 500 kWh per year.



All wood in Belarus are FSC certified. For TAMAGO house we use wooden plate structures with insulation between them. 30 % materials will be recycled after the end of TOMAGO life cycle. 40% materials were produced according to ISO 14001.


For detailed parameters see Radar infographic.

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