2018 Active House Awards Jury

Marco Imperadori, Professor, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Marco Imperadori is a professor at Politecnico di Milano – Lecco Campus, owner of the chair of Technological Design and Innovation and the Rector’s Deputy for internationalization programs.

He is also director of the research group on Smart-Eco Buildings. His research has always been concentrated on buildings environmental sustainability and on innovation based on industrialized dry stratified technologies, constantly applied in his works.

Eileen Meyer, Architect, ActiveHouseItalia, Italy

Eileen Meyer is architect, cofounder and Vice President of ActiveHouseItalia in addition to being a certified Active House verifier. She is also a certified Passive House Designer and Planner.

Eileen keeps looking for new building solutions that satisfies the sustainability part of constructions and a social approach of urban planning. Since 2017, she is an observer in the Active House Board of Directors.

Shaun Joffe, Executive Director, Sustainability & Building Sciences, Great Gulf, Canada
Shaun Joffe is an executive with more than 15 years of experience in the building industry ranging from Site Management to Global Building Initiatives including the First Certified Active House in the World.

He leads a high performing team to implement new building standards for one of North America’s premier real estate organizations, the Great Gulf Group of Companies. Since 2017, Shaun is a member of the Active House Board of Directors.

Bas Hasselaar, PHD, Architect, DGMR, Netherlands

Bas Hasselaar is an architect and works at DGMR, an engineering and consultancy agency. DGMR is member of the Active House Alliance Netherlands. Bas was the chief editor of the Active House Guidelines and also translated them into Dutch.

Since 2017, he is a board member of Active House Netherlands and Active House International. He is currently building his own Active House.

István Kistelegdi, Research Professor University of Pécs, Janos Szentagothai Research Centre
István Kistelegdi is a research professor at the University of Pécs and since 2010 Head of Department for Energy Design. He is the CEO of two companies – an architecture firm and a research consulting office. He focuses on thermal and CFD simulation, as well as on the effects of buildings on the human brain processes, and supported the Active House prototype development (Active House label Award winner 2017). He also works on artificial intelligence based design techniques.

The latest success of his Active House is the Energy ‘Oscar’ Award, received in 2018 from E.ON’s Energy Globe award. Following the award, he was nominated in taking part in the Global International Energy Award competition as well.

Emilia-Cerna Mladin , Professor, Polytechnic University of Bucharest

Emilia-Cerna Mladin is a Professor at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and President of the Romanian Association of Energy Auditors for Buildings (AAECR). She authored several books and in 2002 started a Masters program on energy auditing techniques for buildings, and subsequently co-founded the AAECR in 2004.

From the very beginning she was fond of the Active House concept as it promoted what she strongly believes that buildings are meant firstly for the well being of people and everything else should adhere to this requirement. Mrs. Mladin is among the first Active House verifiers, certified in April 2017.

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