Apply for an Active House Label

Apply for an Active House Label

How to apply for an Active House Label

Step 1: Download Application and formula
Step 2: Send the Application form to Active House
Step 3: Active House will contact you and provide you with your Active House Label


Active House Label
The Active House label is a world wide quality stamp for comfortable and sustainable buildings. It advices on elements that are important to humans life and living in their homes.

Buildings that have received the Active House label have been designed and evaluated with a combined focus on comfort, smart use of energy and minimum impact on the environment.

The label is a sign to homeowners that this building is designed with focus on human needs and a home fit for the future

How to apply
Homeowners, professional house builders, investors and architects are invited to apply for the label by sending the attached formula to the secretariat at:

If the application meets the requirement, the secretariat will send you guide for a label and the manual for verification (can be downloaded at as well as the contact details to a verifying body that will verify your project.

A verification will normally take 4 weeks and will involve a first dialog between the applicant and the verifying body, followed by a verification of the project that among others include sample test of the calculation. During this period, the applicant shall be able to send the material described in the manual to the verifier.

What should be sent in
A project shall be designed and calculated in accordance with the requirement in the Active House specification.

The material to send in is described in the manual and include the radar calculation file (Excel), a file with a description of the qualitative values, architect drawings, drawing or description of the technical installations as well as a file with calculated areas.

The verifying costs depend on the size of the building and the number of active house evaluations for the specific project, and is described in the manual. The fee for a single family home up to 350 m2 with one active house evaluation is 1.000 €.

The fee is the same for a renovation project, however if the evaluation include evaluation before and after the renovation, the fee is 1.500 €

Fee for buildings above 350 m2 the fee are between 1.000 € and 5.000€.

The costs include one validation and one sample test. A contract between the applicant and the verifier has to be signed before verification. The fee is paid directly to the verifying body.

How to use the label
The label is a protected label and may only be used if a project has been verified and approved.

The label may be used in all commercial material as well as the specific building itself may be signed with an Active House sign. The use of the label shall follow the guideline for the label, developed by the alliance.

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