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Create a Radar


An Active House is the result of efforts to actively integrate the three main principles of Comfort, Energy and Environment in the design of a building and in the finished building.

The Active House Radar shows the level of ambition of each of the three main Active House principles. The integration of each principle describes the level of ambition of how ‘active’ the building has become. For a building to be considered as an Active House, the level of ambition can be quantified into four levels where 1 is the highest level and 4 is the lowest. The ambitious requirement for Active House includes all parameters and recommends the lowest level for each of them.

The Active House Radar to the right shows how all parameters and goals within each principle are dependent on each other. As long as the parameters within each principle are better or equal to the lowest level of ambition, it is an Active House. When (re)designing a dwelling or housing complex, the basic idea is to select individual and ambitious requirements for each parameter.

The Active House Radar is a good tool for displaying the ambition reached with the building and the calculated values. When the building is inhabited, the Radar can also be a useful tool for monitoring, evaluating and improving the building. As a communication tool, it can provide clarity as to why the integration of parameters is important for creating Active Houses.

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