2022 Active House Symposium

Municipalities and corporations face a wide variety of issues. Housing in the Netherlands must phase out the use of natural gas, meet the Nearly zero-energy building standard (Bijna EnergieNeutrale Gebouwen in Dutch) and the Quality assurance act for construction (Wet Kwaliteitsborging in Dutch) and take into consideration the National Climate Agreement. It is regrettable that all these measures only focus on the energy aspect. Resident well-being is almost being neglected. It doesn’t have to be that way.

How should a municipality, corporation or building management approach a thorough circular renovation project? Where to begin? The international Active House Symposium has the answer. At De Doelen on Wednesday 13 April 2022, organised by Active House Netherlands, you can see how quality can be measured. This interactive day consists of inspiring speakers, best practices and various sub-sessions.

The Active House Symposium will demonstrate how to build affordable, healthy buildings focused on the resident. Property owners can find out how to provide healthy, safe and future-proof neighbourhoods and residences. Visitors can learn more about buildings with a comfortable interior environment and the importance of plenty of daylight. The Active House Award winner will be announced and the revamped Active House Specifications will be unveiled.

Join Active House NL on 13 April 2022 and participate in the eighth international Active House Symposium, where more than 300 guests from all over the world will pay a visit to De Doelen. Partners in the Netherlands will be able to purchase a sponsor package in advance. The income ensures Active House can organise the best possible symposium.

Wednesday 13 April 2022

This symposium day at De Doelen, Rotterdam includes an information market. Active House partners display their products and give you more information on their services and the Active House vision. The Active House renovation guidelines will be presented towards the end of the symposium and the Active House Awards will be presented.

The exclusive Active House dinner will take place after the symposium, an ideal opportunity to network with domestic and international colleagues. If you’re interested you can select your preference on the registration form (coming soon).


On Tuesday 12 April 2022, participants of the international symposium will join an extensive architectural tour focused on Active Houses. The tour will visit circular Active House projects in and around Rotterdam.*

* Due to Covid, we’re not exactly sure how many International visitors there will be. If there’s enough interest we will be hosting an architectural tour. If you’re interested you can select your preference on the registration form (coming soon).

Facts and figures

– Natural gas is due to be phased out from the current housing stock within the next 30 years.

– 2.4 million housing stock residences in the Netherlands (of a total of 8 million) were built between 1965 and 1985. These houses need to be renovated over the next few years to ensure they meet the current requirements.

– The Dutch government aims to halve the current consumption of primary raw materials by 2030. The end objective is to create a completely circular economy by 2050.

Stay tuned for more information on registration!

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