Active House Label Award 2019

The overall winner is…!

A very interesting and inspiring compact building dedicated to co-housing where Active House strategies and radar drove to an elegant and simple solution but full of small details which create harmony and originality. Active House is clearly a vision beyond 2020 and it is a pleasure that this vision spans around different parts of the world and in this case the winner is a project in China that could inspire many other ones in the future.

Category C - Designed buildings without radar

A stunning design of an eco-skyscraper in Milano currently under construction. It embodies many interesting solutions for a different approach to towers in dense cities. Further steps in order to apply Active House radar will be proposed to the designer and contractor.

Category D - Built buildings without radar

A very delicate and interesting refurbishment in China that shows the values of such an old and important culture together with actual values of retrofit and renovation with energy strategies that provide new use and life to this beautiful courtyard.

Category D - Built buildings without radar

A very strong and inspiring building that shows how architecture can be energetically independent in extreme conditions. The outside skin metallic and very resistant to strong winds are in contrast with the “souple” interior made of wood. Natural light makes beautiful atmosphere with and heart-breaking possibility of views on the surrounding mountains.

Category A - Designed buildings with radar

A very interesting housing complex in USA that shows how Active House strategy and compact multy property building can be a solution in order to challenge climate change with functional and aesthetical architecture. Very appreciated also the integration of green and gardens on the roof top.

Special commendation

Beautiful and elegant building which has been conceived for a very important activity which shows how human wastes can be managed in a clever way and how nice design and aesthetic can create a social and public space. For these reasons the Jury decide a Special Commendation.

Category B - Built buildings with radar

A beautiful small and compact single family house, we could see it as a “wood living nest” where all the strategies of Active House and empathy with nature, environment, comfort and energy are clearly solved.

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