István Kistelegdi

istvan kistelegdi
City: pécs
Country: HU
Profesion: Prof. Dr. Architect
Contact information: Energy Design planner and research group. Energy-positive buildings and settlements, as well as strctures. Thermal and CFD simulations.
Bio: Professor Kistelegdi invented an own developed structure, building and settlement scaled planning technique, called Energia Design, in order to being able to create energy plus balance in building industries. His method integrates complex engineering tools, like climate, energy and aerodynamic CFD simulations with focus on defining new boundaries for comfort energy and environmental questions in the built environment. 2015 he was granted with the highest Hungarian award "Dennis Gabor Prize" for technical innovation and its implementation in practice. He studied Architecture in Würzburg, Kassel and ClimaDesing in Munich, Germany. Currently he leads the 'Energia Design Building Technologies' research group at the University of Pécs, János Szentágothai Research Centre and work as visitor lecturer at the Technische Universität München, University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt and University of Applied Sciences Wismar. After a professional educational cooperation stay at the Metropolitan University of Denver, Colorado, USA his practical work results in implemented buildings in Hungary: a Holcim Hungarian Award winning Industry and office building, the first dwelling house refurbishment into an Active House in Hungary, and an adaptive adobe demonstration building with moveable building envelope skin and further plans for 118 apartment nearly zero energy residential park, etc. His forthcoming research project deals with artificial intelligence based building design methodology
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