Awards 2024

About the Active House Award 2024

The Active House Awards are a key recognition given out by Active House International, a global association renowned for establishing standards aimed at creating healthier and more comfortable buildings.

The awards celebrate and promote best practices in the field of sustainable and people-centric buildings. They showcase exemplary application of the Active House principles in building projects. This involves balancing the elements of comfort, energy, and environment in building design to improve the quality of life of occupants while ensuring sustainability.

  • The Active House RADAR Master Awards are open to realised projects that fully apply Active House Radar.
  • Active House Principle Awards are open to both completed and fully developed designs that successfully reflect the Active House Principles.

Joining the Active House Awards not only validates the dedication and hard work of the awardees but also helps inspire other architects, builders, and designers to pursue sustainable and human-centric building projects.

The 2024 Awards ceremony will take place during the New European Bauhaus Festival in Brussels. The Festival brings together innovators, creators, scientists, people, and collectives from all walks of life to shape a future that is sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful.

All shortlisted projects will be publicly announced and featured on the Active House International Alliance website. Active House Award winners are granted a certificate of recognition for their remarkable work in the field. Furthermore, their winning projects will published and highlighted on the Active House International Alliance website, giving them global exposure, and setting a benchmark for future aspirants in this field.

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