007 Pod House

Location: No. 629 Jianguowest Road, Tianping Subdistrict, Xuhui District, Shanghai (China)
Owner/investor: Shanghai Municipal Kindergarten
Architects: Liben design Office
Project type: Renovation of an abandoned laundry

1. Two roof skylights in the shape of pods provide natural lighting for 80% of the main function room.
2. The indoor air humidity controls between 40%-60% to protect human comfort and health.
3. In terms of indoor air quality, control the CO2 concentration of the dance room <1000ppm and the annual average concentration of PM2.5 ≤70.
4. The observation window was designed to consider framing around the building and the behavioural habits of children. Therefore, improving the quality of vision and the space environment.
5. The toilets and stairwells have sufficient natural lighting.

1. The building energy consumption index should reach the constraint value of GB/T 51161 of the current national standard, "Energy Consumption Standard for Civil Buildings".
2. Exceptional design for building airtightness. It passed the building airtightness test after completion.
3. Exceptional design for thermal bridge treatment of the envelope structure, which passed the thermal bridge test after completion.
4. Adopt natural ventilation and refrigeration technology to improve the energy consumption of buildings.

1. In the early stage of a construction project, defined environmental goals and weighed the environmental impact of materials in the construction and operation stages through life-cycle evaluation. In the planning stage, evaluate the environmentally load of energy-saving measures, and apply the life-cycle review to compare and select construction methods. In the construction drawing design stage, involve the whole life cycle evaluation evaluates the environmental impact of the HVAC and lighting systems during the life cycle, recommends the optimization of the system, and selects the appropriate finishing materials.
2. The efficiency of the water appliance is above grade 2.

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