023 Suzhou Women and Children Activity Center

Address of the project: Suzhou Women and Children Activity Center is located at the foot of Heshan Hill in Suzhou National Hi-Tech District (SND).

Owner/investor –

Architect: Suzhou Women’s Federation /Tus-Design Group Co.,Ltd-Zha Jinrong , Cai Shuang , Chen Suling , Zhang Yunzhi , Xu Ying , Fang Biao , Jia Tao , Zhou Yuhui , Zhu Xiaobo , Xia Yifeng , Zhang Jihang

The building adopts glass curtain wall and sets up a lighting atrium, making full use of natural lighting, and more than 95% of the building space meets the requirements of natural mining; the outer wall of each functional space of the building is equipped with openable windows, which are beneficial to the natural ventilation of the building. Good natural ventilation is conducive to quickly taking away indoor pollutants in the transition season, creating a good indoor air quality environment for the interior. The exterior facade of the building is set with fixed shading, and the interior is set with adjustable shading to effectively reduce the heat load in summer

The building has carried out a complete energy-saving design. By optimizing the thermal performance of the envelope structure, improving the energy efficiency of the cold and heat source unit equipment, adopting exhaust heat recovery, intelligent lighting, energy management systems, etc. A series of energy-saving measures have been adopted to reduce the operating energy consumption of the building, and the annual comprehensive energy consumption of the building is reduced by more than 30% compared with conventional buildings. In addition, 80% of the hot water in this project is provided by renewable energy; photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof of the building, and the annual power generation is 66,200 KWh

The building fully considers the carbon emission of the whole life cycle of the building during the design and construction stage, and reduces the carbon emission of the building by reducing the use of high-carbon building materials, applying waste recycling building materials, EPD certified materials, etc. In addition, the building is equipped with a rainwater reuse system. The rainwater collected in the site is treated and used for green irrigation and out road cleaning. About 14,000 tons of rainwater are recycled every year.

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