024 EPARK (Huayan Road community)

Location: NO.25 Huayuan North Road , Haidian District, Beijing, China

Owner/investor: EPARK

Architects: Lumin Space & Kinh Manh Studio

Project type: Transformation of an old factory

Indoor fresh air volume is designed as 5000m3/h; Sunshades are used in summer to keep natural lighting and block thermal radiation at the same time.
It significantly improves the comfort of these large and deep spaces and provides sufficient fresh air for the mental workers working here.

The predecessor of the project was an old plant belonging to a state-owned enterprise, which was shut down for various reasons.
Later, a supermarket and a small hotel were introduced, and no major changes have been made.
On the one hand, there are long-term potential safety hazards, on the other hand, there are messy wires.
From 1970 to 2000, it was the hottest time for beverage factories in Beijing. From 2000 to the end of 2018, the plant has been used as Chongwenmen’s local food market and supermarket. Before the remodeling, the community and buildings were in very bad architectural condition.
Therefore, the core concept of the design is to give them attraction, enhance the accessibility and sustainability of the building, and meet the needs of a large number of unknown potential customers. The functional orientation of the internal space of the building is a shared office focusing on “office + commercial complex and cultural and creative block”, It integrates office, leisure, social, life and other functions so that it can flexibly meet the needs of users in the future.

The original two buildings were separated from each other. To combine the three buildings, the designer has formed an “ecological sharing” space.
The main functional space is presented in the form of a huge open volume. A series of centering supporting functions such as gym, video room, sauna room and mother and baby room is realized here, and the interior is re-planned as a working space with flexible functions. One part is for external activities, that is, the activity space where most people gather for conferences and parties, and the other part is for the function of the product center, that is, product exhibition, negotiation and staff office.

At the same time, each part of the space can feel that this part of the function is the core space of the whole park. There is also a major feature in the architecture.
Two hundred-year-old trees are used to run through the whole shared ecological area to express the symbiotic relationship between architecture and nature. It is not only a historical memory about the change of times, but also the source of the Architectural “comfort” gene.

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