033 Rockzero

Location: Noorderdracht 90, 1689 XV, Zwaag, Netherlands
Owner/investor: Confidential
Architects: Ewoud Blok
Project type: House

The choice of continuous glass sections from the ground floor to the roof creates an open and light structure in the heart of the house. By choosing the Rockzero building system, a vapor open house with a high insulation value has been realized. An Rc value of 8 has been applied to both the roofs and the walls. This results in a stable and comfortable indoor climate with a natural and healthy humidity level.
In terms of comfort, the following is also important in addition to the above. Due to the excellent sound absorption of ROCKWOOL stone wool, the Rockzero building system acts as an effective sound barrier. Noise from neighbors and noise from outside (motorway, airport or public transport) is greatly reduced.
ROCKWOOL stone wool does not contribute to fire and can even insulate. The use of non-combustible insulation also helps to maintain an escape route. ROCKWOOL stone wool also has little or no contribution to smoke development, and produces no toxic gases in the event of a fire.
In short, the breathable nature of the Rockzero building system means that heat is retained, but moisture is removed naturally, and the system also offers excellent acoustic and fire safety performance.

ROCKWOOL stone wool has a high heat-accumulating capacity. Rockzero, therefore, creates a very constant and comfortable indoor climate. In winter the house retains its heat well, and in a hot summer the house stays cool longer. This means that huge savings can be made on energy costs. In terms of insulation, Rockzero’s building system even exceeds the requirements of the government for building houses in the Netherlands. This means that our system exceeds the minimum insulation value imposed by the government.
Performance roof Rockzero: Minimal 7,0 Rc
Performance roof government: 6,3 Rc
Performance wall Rockzero: Minimal 7,0 Rc
Performance wall government: 4,7 Rc.
The Rockzero building system is a ‘hero’ in reducing the use of energy. Far less energy needs to be consumed and the house becomes much easier to control for the residents, which naturally results in greater comfort. In addition, the energy that is still needed is largely compensated for, by a full roof solar panels system that also avoids double roofing.

Stone wool is a natural product made from volcanic rock basalt: a renewable, inexhaustible raw material that comes directly from the earth. This renewable resource is extracted from the earth and is virtually inexhaustible: every year the earth produces 38,000 times more basalt than ROCKWOOL uses to make stone wool. ROCKWOOL stone wool has a lifespan of up to 75 years, without any loss of performance. It is recyclable, time and time again and it maintains its original performance and quality.
The used Rockzero shell consists of more than 50% recycled materials, and the remaining 50% can be fully recycled after dismantling or demolition, along with the materials already recycled. There is also a possibility to apply the system in a demountable way after the life span of the house. In addition, the lightweight of the shell and prefab elements means that less heavy transport and cranes need to be used. Compared to traditional construction with, for example, prefab concrete, three times less freight is transported. Also, fewer transport movements mean fewer CO2 emissions.


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