046 Active House Apartments

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Owner/investor: Private person
Architects: Alexander Kucheravy; VitaliyGoy; Julia Shifferson
Project type: Renovation of a building

Strategically position of 32 roof windows ensurehigh levels of daylight factor in the house all year-round according Active House specification 3.0.Average illuminance for main rooms is more 500lux all year round. Outside sun shading are protecting from summerheat and avoid glare.

The inside temeperature 22°C during heating period and less than 26°C are ensured by:
Roof insulation
Outside sun shading systems
Low temeperature heating system and cooling in the floor, walls, ceiling
Heat pump “air-water”
Ventilation system with heat recovery 83 %

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and CO2 sensors in every living room ensured that the CO2 level inside is not more than 750 ppm inside or more 400 ppm above outdoor concentration. Also, it is possible to use natural ventilation throw strategically positioned facade and roof windows.

Inside walls system with plasterboard and insulation according details of 5 stars hotels canensure high level of acoustics in the rooms.

The final energy consumption is 23.85 kWh/m2 taking into account COP of Heat pump forheating, hot water preparation and cooling.

More than 50 % of energy is renewable from solar panels and PV cells.

We have reduced primary energy as much as possible in context of renovation.

All insulations have EPDs
The roof construction (wood, roof windows, furniture) is FSC certified and all bathrooms are equipped with water saving plumbing.


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