2B House

2B House is a 3 level private house located on the border between Czech Republic and Germany (on Czech Republic side).


The quality of natural lighting is one of the main criteria for 2B House. The main orientation of the living rooms is southeast, southwest, and south. All technical and auxiliary rooms are in the back of the building, do not have natural light, as this part of the building is buried in the rock. All windows oriented to the south are equipped with sun curtains controlled through a smart system, which makes it possible to regulate the sun’s exposure to the best in summer, and in winter, given the different angle of incidence.

For the windows oriented to the south-east and south provides automatic sun protection. Blinds are connected to a common smart home system and, if necessary, are automatically closed. The sun protection has 3 programs: full opening, partly open and full close.

For each room, the level of illumination is selected individually and depends on what kind of work will be carried out in the room. In those rooms where you will read or write, the brightness should be maximum, and the level of illumination is enough for the corridor, almost an order of magnitude lower. The data obtained during the calculations show that all lightening standards at specific calculation points are fulfilled.

2B House provides for 2 temperature regimes, which makes it possible to make a comfortable penetration in the building (+26 in the summer; +21 in the winter). In the summer period, natural ventilation provides through the living room window and the roof window, so there is a natural airing of the room, without drafts.


Power consumption: The calculation of energy consumption showed an excellent indicator for Ukraine (considering the existing tariffs for electricity), and the 2B House consumes about 45,8 kWh/ m2.

It makes possible to classify 2B House in class A on energy efficiency:

  • Optimum orientation to the sun
  • Outdoor sun protection in the hot period.
  • Geothermal heat pump reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling
  • The correct location of the building in relief
  • Solar panels on the roofs 2, 3 levels and a garage.
  • Heat supply with collector panels on the roof of the 3rd level.
  • Operable roofs – less heat loss

Energy supply: 56 solar panels (1 solar panel = 1,7 m2) = 15 000 kWh per year, which produce 76,8 % of renewable energy. They are located:

  • 16 panels on the roof top of garage (south-west orientation)
  • 40 panels on the roof top on 2nd and 3ht floors.
  • Geothermal heat pumps Heat water supply with collector panels, which located on east and west facades on 3rd level of the building.

According to the placement of the solar panels, they are almost invisible from the main viewpoints, and they are not involved in the architectural appearance of the house. We have chosen this technological solution for energy supply which harmoniously fits into the overall architectural concept.


Freshwater consumption in 2B House is reduced on 40 % in comparison with local legislation (Czech Republic – 88,7 liters per person per day):

  • 36 liters hot water per person per day,
  • 52,7 liters cold water per person per day.

In 2B House it’s less through water saving system (kitchen, toilet, bathroom and swimming pool shower) and inhabitants responsible water using. Rainfall index for Czech Republic is 707.1 (mm per year) in 2017 that give us opportunity to use Gray Water system for toilets and domestic needs. Organized water supply and collection of water through a hidden system of drain pipes. Further, water enters reservoirs where it is coarse and is ready for use. For the collection of rainwater in reservoirs under the ground, for further use – for watering plants;

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