Botticelli Project – ACTIVE HOUSE Passivhaus – Casaclima Gold

Botticelli Project intends to diffuse concept of Active Houses in Sicily. Botticelli is a building which focus the Third Industrial Revolution [Jeremy Rifkin] A Building first milestone of Smart Cities with Distributed Energy

Low energy requirement is process  by  Passiv Haus protocol  adapted to Sicilian  clima.

Primary energy  is  satisfied by  8kW  Photo Voltaic  Solar panel

Energy production system  exceed  building needs .

Energy production  and  Energy  needs  are  supervised and monitored by an Energy Management System based on KNX/Connex  protocol  for  Building Automation and Control Systems .

Plus  energy production is sold   placed  to the GSE  national electrical grid


Indoor  climate  has been carried out and simulated   together with  Politecnico of Milan  eERG  group.

We focus  passive cooling  and  adaptive solutions.


Environment impact  is  processed   by LCA  (life cycle assessment)

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1) Passiv haus  building  under mediteranean climate condition

2) Zero energy – Zero carbon building

3) Active House

4) Casaclima certification  and   Passiv Haus certification

5) A Micro energy generation building  as per Third Industrial Revolution [Jeremy Rifkin]

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