Casa sul Parco

Casa sul Parco is a new multiresidential building constructed near the City Center Park of Fidenza (Italy). Planned as a high quality house with Passive House Certification, the builder wanted to offer a complete quality remark and choosed the Active House concept to optimize and improve comfort and sustainability.


Thermal Comfort

Natural illumination was particularly important for the project, due to the location in the natural park of Fidenza and as one of the main commercial topics of the object. The different flats were checked by Daylight calculations and improved with the size of the windows. The negative overheating risk is controlled by mobile and fixed shadings and by a cooling unit (geothermal heat pump). Also the trees around of the project where included in the shading concept.


Air quality is handled by the mechanical ventilation system and monitored by CO2-datalogging and remote alarm to the constructor.


Thermal comfort is optimized by a certified passive house envelope, which gave maximum of guaranty for winter and summer comfort.



The project started as a certified Passive House construction. The reached goal asked to stay under 15 kWh/m²a for heating and cooling demand. To reach it, the constructor improved air tightness (n50 = 0.58), trasmittances (< 0.15 W/m³K), windows (glazing at 0.6 W/m²K), thermal bridges (calculated and reduced) and mechanical ventilation with high heat recovery (84%).


A geothermical heat pump was adopted to raise the use of renewable energy. The heating COP is on 4.8, the cooling on 3.8. There are two heatpumps to improve performance for mixed mode (cooling/hot water production).

Further the constructor adopted to build a dedicated PV-Plant (prohibited onsite for place protection law), which for validation and certification issues was NOT included in the calculations.

Casa sul Parco Entrance


Environmental aspects were important from the beginning as it was constructed in the center of the city in a natural park. To guarantee either earthquake stability and recyclability the constructor decided for an ICF-building with highly recyclable materials and recycle guarantees from the producer.


Only 2 apartments of 10 have a little garden. For this reason the construction concentrated water reduction on flow limitator and water saving installations. In a special meeting for the new apartment-owner was explained importance of water saving home appliances.

Results of Active House Validation by Guenther Gantioler: 2017-07-12-results-casa-sul-parco

Project Information of Active House Validation: 2017-07-12-project-info-casa-sul-parco


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