The facades are characterized by the presence of huge windows, with a dimention that goes from 1x1m2 to 2,5×2,5m2, to guarantee a FDLm of 3% and superior than 3% in the common spaces. The ground floor presents large windows full height, except for the north facade. On the other floors, the windows are more spread in order to satisty the different design with needings.

The facades and roof have a pretty good trasmittance of 0,12W/m2k.

An artificial ventilation guarantees the air quality comfort during summer and winter and otherwise it is guaranteed by natural ventilation during autumn and spring thanks to skilights placed on the flat roof.


During the design of the project, it has been paid a particular attention to the different qualities of the materials, expecially their performances, to the orientation of the buildings, the dispositions of the windows, in order to reduce the energy demand. In the end, this was of 28kWh/m2. To satisty this demand it has been decided to place solar panels on the roof of a pedestrian way; they are oriented torwards south-west with an inclination of 20°. They are made of selenide and they don’t have all those toxic substances that can be found in the usual solar panels that can affect the environment. They reduce the pollution caused by the silicon and also, they permit to obtain an efficiency of the 15%.


The design of the whole project has considered the relationship between the project itself and the context, paying attention to the resources that have been used in order not to have a bad impact on the environment during its life.

The material have been chosen considering the efficency that they could have but also the possibility of reciclying them. This is the reason why the structure has been designed in wood and wood laminates MEG, a company that could satisfy the needings of the project, for the finishing of the facades.

It has been placed a plant-based sewage-treatment system to purify the waste water to use it for the gardens.


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