In order to reach the minimum luminous comfort standard, a particular attention is given to the volumes orientation and the openings distribution.
The large glazing areas are on the south to take advantage of the solar contribution. This way the heat is caught during cold periods, dispersions are
avoided but the overheating in warm periods is reduced thanks to the use of solar protections. An in-depth study concerning the workspaces is led to
guarantee a 5% minimum luminous comfort. Thanks to the installation of roof windows, natural ventilation in all the spaces is ensured to reduce the
energy consumption during mid seasons.








The principal aim is to reduce the energy consumption by passive strategies and the building architecture. The insulation and the heat bridges reduction are guaranteed thanks to the use of high capacity mineral panels in order to reach 0,16 W/m2K as transmittance value and a 12 hours shift. The whole building energy demand is approximately 11 kWh/m2a: a heat pump is connected to a geothermal plant and to 18 kWp photovoltaic panels. A mechanical ventilation system is used to ensure air quality and 500 m3/h air exchange.


Wood is the main material used in the building due to its several properties: it can be used multiple times, it causes low CO2 emissions during production and transportation and it absorbs it during its life cycle. For those reasons wood has been chosen as material both in the structure and in the envelope by creating ventilated facades protected from the rain. The wood used for the projects comes from PEFC and FSC certified forests. A 1000 L tank is provided to reduce water waste. Rainwater is accumulated and, after a depuration cycle, is reused for irrigation and domestic usage.

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