DRUZI house

DRUZI house is an energy efficient single-family house in Ukraine that is created based on Active House holistic approach with focus on comfort level for healthy living and wellbeing. The family consists of the parents and 3 children. It is a modern house composed of three floors with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, guest WC, garage, art space for private gallery of Ukrainian art, small cellar, sauna, kitchen-dining-main room with a perfect view to the plot.


The strategically position of the facade and of the 21 roof windows ensure high levels of daylight factor in the house. Average daylight factor for main rooms is 5,1% conform with Active House specification.

Thermal Comfort

DRUZI house suggests occupants no less than +21 °C air temperature inside in cold period and not more than +27 °C in hot period by next solutions:

  • High level of insulation of the envelope
  • Optimal room orientation
  • Triple glazed façade windows
  • Automatically sun shading of roof windows
  • Heat pump for heating and cooling (tubes in the floors, walls and roof)
  • Automatically regulated heating system
  • Ventilation with heat recovery 82 %

Indoor Air Quality

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and CO2 sensors in every living room ensured that the CO2 level inside is not more than 750 ppm above outdoor concentration.

Also, it is possible to use natural ventilation throw strategically positioned facade and roof windows.


DRUZI house is an energy efficient single-family building with 395 m2 of heating/cooling area. Optimal energy consumption for all needs is less than 58 kWh/(m2 ·y). This level is ensured by the following solutions:

  • 380 mm brick walls with 15 cm of Neopor
  • 30 cm glass wool insulation in the roof
  • 10 cm of XPS insulation in the floor
  • Windows with U-value 1.0 W/m²K
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery more than 80%
  • Heat pump Vaillant “ground-water” for heating/cooling (tubes in the floors, walls and roof) and hot water preparation
  • Automatically regulated heating/cooling system and ventilation
  • Mechanical ventilation Salda with heat recovery 82 %

36 photovoltaic panels with general 10 kW power will be installed on the south-eastern slopes next year. It will help to minimize energy demand and give possibility to sell clean energy to the common grid by 0.14 euro


All insulations have EPDs and the roof is Isover by Saint-Gobain.

The construction (wood, façade and roof windows, furniture) is FSC certified and all bathrooms are equipped with water saving plumbing.

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