EnergyFlexHouse is two one's family houses, each of 200 m2. One building is designed as a test building, and the other building is a one family house, where a test-family lives

The building is designed to meet the Danish low energy class level 1 and with integration of renewable energy, the building become carbon/energy neutral – energy consumption for heating, hot water, household, light, etc. a total of 0 kWh/year. The building design is orientated to optimize both passive solar energy and active solar energy (Solar thermal system and PV)


Future buildings should not only be developed with focus on energy efficiency. One should also focus on good comfort, where thermal indoor climate, air quality and daylight is in focus. Henning Larsen Architects have chosen to reverse the traditional dwelling on such accommodation and kitchen is at the top, which gives a residence zone in a high ceilinged room with good solar gain, good daylight and good views. The daylight conditions are optimized with large window areas to all orientations, giving a balanced daylight. The other rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, heating rooms are placed at the bottom and thereby they interact with the surroundings



The quality of the use of the building, environment, indoor comfort and the use of energy (e.g. hot water, art light, laundry, energy production) is documented both through measurement and through family subjective assessments. One thing is to design and perform energy optimising individual solutions and systems. Another is to get the residents to use them correctly in normal everyday life. The test families in EnergyFlexFamily are going to test the user-friendliness and the effect of the developed products and systems.

img_4440EnergyFlexHouse was created by Danish Technological Institute. Henning Larsen Architects is the architectural firm of the building, and Enemærke & Petersen A/S is the general contractor. It has been constructed in co-operation with a large amount of danish construction manufacturers among those Rockwool A/S, VELUX A/S, VELFAC A/S, Sonnenkraft A/S, Nilan A/S, Danfoss A/S, Lindab A/S, LOGSTOR A/S, Viega A/S.


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