Family House

With the construction of the invention hereby I would like to demonstrate how it is possible to build a house with 0 CO2 emission from a maximum amount of 100.000 EURO.

I know these data from one year experience.

Four of us have been living here (since the 12th of November 2011); two little children (3 and 1 year old), my wife and me.


Energy consumption:

Electricity: 4010 KW            212.286 HUF =  733 EUR = 939 USD

Of this: 420 KW heating         22.260 HUF = 77 Euro = 98 USD


Wall structure:

The design right is registered in Hungary (register nr. 3671).

Data of the construction: Blowerdoor test: 0,06/hour

Energy consumption: <4 KW/m²/year.

The present wall’s thermal conductivity factor is 0,079w/m²/K at wall thickness 30 cm.


Building engineering:

  • Ground heat exchanger system – Hegler Hekatherm
  • Ventilation systems with heat recovery
  • Carbon Heating Film/Power Plus – 880 Watt Performance
  • No solar cell
  • No solar collector
  • Only mains electricity

The building has a southern-facing aspect with a lot of window surfaces to ensure the environmental atmosphere and the solar yield in winter. The properly constructed building structures ensure the shading during the summer. The ventilation system, completed with ground colletor provides the fresh air.


As the building will be my home, during planning period we have been taking my family’s needs into consideration. We also ignored all aspects, which are essential when building a passive- house.

Most of the people are aware of the importance of environmental protection and that building energy-saving houses (in large numbers) has a primarily importance with respect to our planet. Unfortunately, building such houses nowadays means significant financial investment surplus costs in the hope of subsequently energy (financial) savings. This extra cost is the only obstacle of spreading passive and active houses in large numbers.

Rusznák László

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