Futura Home 2017

This project focuses on a well-balanced high quality life.

Comfort: The one-sided roof of the house rises towards north and west, which allows high facades with significant window-sections facing these orientations. North and west facing window-sections and the skylights in the heart of the building ensure an indirect but yet excellent daylight factor with a minimum risk to overheat the main rooms.

Great ceiling heights in the main rooms combined with mechanical ventilation ensure that the air quality is clean and fresh.

These comfortable installations create the foundation for a life of high quality.

Energy: The Energy parameter has been an essential part while designing this house. The annual consumption of energy is set to have an upper limit at maximum 20 kWh/m².

There’s no need to be connected to the district heating as the building is being heated from an air to water heat pump. Rooms are heated by underfloor heating which reduces the amount of wasted heat as the heat is spread equally in each room.

The need of electricity from the public grid is also being reduced to a minimum as the house has its own supply from solar panels.

Furthermore, the climate shell has been improved so the quantity and quality of the insulation has been increased.

Environment: Several environmental considerations have been done in the process of designing this house. The wood being used in the house is FSC certified, which protects the forests as well as every worker in each step from cutting the tree to building the house.

Both the Kebony wood and the bricks used in the facades requires a minimum of maintenance.

We prioritized the materials to be recyclable at their end of life, which is met by the Rockwool insulation and the Troldtekt ceilings which are near fully recyclable.

Bearing structures of aerated concrete will be able to crush and recycle as well, when it’s lifetime ends.

This house also saves water due to the selected plumbing luminaires.

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