Daylight is the main design feature of this building. It employs not only façade windows, but also skylights in the atriums, which improve the daylight environment at the inner area. The Gainker resin curtain walls are applied to the west façade and interior partitions, which make daylight gentle indoor.

The curtain wall towards east maximized the daylight level of the office area. The average daylight factor is above 4.2%. The skylights and windows mounted the flexible shades , which adjust the daylight and avoid glaring. The openable windows and skylights make natural ventilation possible in the shoulder seasons. The outdoor fresh air system can keep the CO2 level and humidity low indoor during conditioned seasons.


The renovated building minimizes its energy demand. It enhances the thermal performance of its envelopes by adopting high quality insulation materials and low air leakiness glazing with southern orientation. The mannual openning windows and intelligent opening skylights keep the indoor comfort while reducing energy demand. Two heat pumps with COP of 3.0 are employed as the cooling and heating source. Radiation panels and fan coils are provided as terminal system for mechanical system. Energy saving lamp and automatic lighting system are used for saving light energy. As calculated, the energy consumption of the building is expected to reach 43kwh/m2a for cooling, heating, ventilation, plumbing and lighting annually.


This building is refurbished following the 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) principle. Its part of old structure and walls are conserved. The demolished bricks and concrete is applied to the construction. The recycled materials, such as bearing steel frame structures, metal roof, glazing curtain walls are used in the project. At the same time, this project prefers to environmental friendly materials, for instance, FSC wood, the Gainker building resins, low
VOC paint and so on. The water saving and sanitary appliances are used in the project. A small farm in front of the building makes a joyful and harmony living space for the employees. It implies the concept of the building, ‘grain and town’.

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