Haus Dr. L

Building regulations limited the possible shape of the house. Within this framework a generous floor area could be realized.


The specific situation of the house has been used to give a rich view into the landscape (Danube river and the northern Viennese Woods). The big windows open the view to both sides and give the house an excellent day lightening. Controlled air ventilation (mechanical and natural is possible) and ecological building materials (cross laminated wood) offer a very good indoor climate.


The building fulfills the passive house requirements (≤ 15 KWh / m².a), triple glazed windows, no thermal bridges, heat recovering). Energy for heat is locally gained from the ground (2x 80 meter deep drilling) through a heat pump and from thermal solar collectors (19 m² and 30 liter storage tank). Electricity is reduced by a PV installation (5 kWp). The energy for the construction is reduced by using cross laminated timber for the construction. The house can be cooled through the described deep drilling and activation of building parts

Concrete was used just for underground building parts. The wood construction and the insulation materials are protected by ecological certified fiber cement layer in the exterior. Rain water is collected in a rainwater cistern (4 m³). to pour the garden. All fittings are optimized for water saving. The environment is protected by using no burning processes. The garden is managed in a natural way. All rainwater is kept on the ground


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