Healthy Home Townhouses

Healthy Home Townhouses were designed and built to provide optimal living conditions at an affordable price. As a result today, Healthy Home Townhouses offer beautiful design, a healthy indoor environment and minimal energy consumption.

The total energy demand in Healthy Home Townhouses is 51 kWh/m² per year for heating, water heating, ventilation, technical installations and electricity for lighting. That is 63% less than the average detached house in Norway. Moreover, 100% of all energy supplied to the houses comes from hydropower sources. The energy saving initiatives in the houses include:

– heat recovery system delivered by flexit (UNI 3). The air handling unit with rotary heat exchanger of 80% efficiency and low energy fans of SFP lower than 2.5, provides a very good indoor climate and reduces heating costs

– environmentally friendly, low-emission certified wood stoves as an alternative heating source

– natural ventilation

– 7.5m2 of solar thermal collectors installed on the roof provide 11 kWh/m² per year for the production of hot water, which corresponds to annual solar fraction of approximately 55%

– VELUX INTEGRA® system of remote controlled roof windows, blinds and shutters which enables the residents to make use of the daylight and solar heat while reducing the need for electrical lighting. External screening (MML) helps to keep room comfortable on warm, sunny day, while internal screening reduces heat losses on cold days. Roof windows have a U-value of 1.0 W/(m2K)



Healthy Home Townhouses have a hybrid ventilation solution that provides good indoor air quality throughout the year. Fresh air is supplied by natural ventilation through the VELUX INTEGRA® windows can be programmed to perform automatic natural ventilation when needed, operated with remote control. The natural ventilation is combined with a balanced mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery, which saves both energy and money.





Healthy Home Townhouses are designed with local sources but global impact in mind. Following the vision that the environment-friendly house must be easily adapted t regional conditions, the construction of Healthy Townhouses was in hands of local builders and suppliers.

The LCA analysis of the Healthy Home Townhouses showed that more than 75% of the building structure can be recycled. All materials used in the houses meet the EU REACH regulation on chemical substances. The building frame consists of beams of laminated spruce. On top of the insulation, houses are clad with stained pine. Terraces are made of treated pine and laminated spruce.



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