e-Home meets Active House: the developer AAKHON expand his e-Home Quality Building with Active House.



It has been a basis design parameter to have the best high performance in thermal environment through an important insulation and in indoor air quality to keep the CO2 level and humidity low through the ventilation system and remote data logger alarm. Every apartment of the building have two or three orientation and in the living room it has been guarantee a minimum daylight level of 2%, also in reference of it’s geographical position and the critical summer period; all glazing has to be shaded during warm periods and is supplemented with natural ventilation and thereby the indoor thermal comfort level during hot periods.




The basic focus within energy has been to optimize the building design in order to minimize the energy demand through a very good building envelope, reduce thermal bridges and creating an air tight construction. Thereby the need for energy has reached a winter level of 7,9 kWh/m2 and a summer level of 3,7 kWh/m2 also with the supplementary use of energy for hot water, ventilation light etc. The energy demand use is above 23 kWh/m2 by the use of a heat pump with a COP of 4.5, the final need of energy has reached a level of 19 kWh/m2. For an economical problem unfortunately in this project there is not a supplementary renewable energy.



The design of building is based on ICF structure in EPS with concrete that will guarantee a long use also over 100 years, the choice was also made to achieve good anti-seismicity. The outer surface is protected with face brick facing and every material is simply disassemble. In order to reduce the use of water a structure for use of rain water for gardening has been established, each faucet is also equipped with a flow regulator. Another important element is the use of garden at the top of the building for the summer microclimate regulation and pre-washing of meteoric waters, in this way every apartment has a garden.



Results of Active House Validation by Guenther Gantioler: 2017-05-10-results-infinity

Project Information of Active House Validation: 2017-05-10-project-info-infinity




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