This house is located in Odessa near the sea and the forest reserve zone. Designet to accommodate a family of 3-4.

All living rooms in this house are oriented to the south, and uninhabited rooms to the north. The entrance group is located on the eastern side, and there are no windows on the west side to minimize heat inflows in the summer. The house is designed according to the principles of the Fibonacci golden ratio. The length of the residential part of the house along the southern facade is 13 m, and the width is 8 m. The relation of the sides is 0.62 that is the ideal proportions.

The house is designed to live in it one family, taking into account the needs of each of its members. The first floor combines the ergonomic position of the rooms with access to each of them from a small hall. On the second there are bedrooms. The house is continuously ventilated with the built-in system, which provides fresh air in any room all year round. The system of warm floors provides a comfortable temperature for living even at very low outside temperatures in winter. From the windows, you can see the pool, lawn, pergola under perennial oaks and a small eco-garden. Internal partitions made of solid brick to maximize sound insulation between rooms and maintain an internal microclimate due to high heat accumulation.

Supply air to the ventilation system in winter and summer comes through a geothermal air heat exchanger. The temperature of the soil at a depth of 2-2.5 m in winter is from +5 to + 7 ° C, and in the summer from +10 to +12 ° C. The air that passes through the duct is heated in winter or cooled in summer by soil through the duct wall. The operation showed that in winter, the ground heat exchanger can heat the fresh air entering the room by more than 4 ° C, and in the summer – cool down to + 20-24 ° C.

The source of heat is the geothermal heat pump Vaillant GeoTherm 14/1. In the summer period for cooling – passive cold. This allows regenerating the wells for more efficient use in the winter.
Warm floors are used for heating and cooling rooms. Passive cooling of premises in the summer allows regenerating the wells to the heating season. Solar collector + pool + buffer tank.

For watering a lawn, water from a rainwater collecting tank with a volume of 25 m3 The system of complete collection of rainwater allowed to level the entire section on the horizon, without visible slopes and to minimize the water flow for irrigation. Also, rainwater is used as a technical one for flushing the toilet, washing the yard and the machine. And to minimize the consumption of cold and hot water in the house used Hansgrohe armature with the effect of air admixture in which a water jet of 3 litres feels the same as 6 without a puff.

The house is built of eco-friendly aerated concrete (certificate), Roof is insulated with Knauf insulation profited certificate. Perennial oaks are preserved. There is a gazebo built under these old trees and a birdhouse is mounted so that the birds also have their own small house.
Eugene, beginning the construction of the house, purchased the electric vehicle Nissan Leaf, which in turn also preserves the environment.

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