Noordhout West, plan Hooghkamer Dorp


Comfort:  In the town of Voorhout we have built six semidetached houses based on the “Active House” principles. The architecture of the houses is characterized by the building style of Dutch homes of the 1930’s.

The amount of daylight is an important part of the design (indoor spot above staircase for fresh daylight). We have used screens on the windows to protect the house of the sun.

In the living area downstairs, the indoor climate in the house is controlled by the ClimaRad EPMaX system. This system is easy to handle and good for the health of the residents.

In the bedrooms, instead, there is a natural ventilation.

The combination of the ClimaRad EPMaX system and natural ventilation creates a healthy indoor climate and therefore a pleasant and economically friendly way of living.


Energy:  The houses are well isolated.

On the roof, between the rooftiles (not on the rooftiles!) we have placed solar panels of the supplier Stafier (15,2 square meters). These panels supply 50% of the energy supply needed for a regular family. The panels are not just efficient but also very pleasing to the eye.

In order to ensure that the buildings are fully energy neutral, Bouwbedrijf G.J. van der Hulst has also bought shares (which are donated to the home buyers) in a wind turbine which supplies wind powered energy for the new owners to supply the other half of the energy needed.

This, combined with high level of insulation for outside walls, floor and roof, and natural ventilation a new healthy environment is created.


Environment: For the total construction of the house we used environment friendly materials. For example the roofing is made of APP instead of Bitumen. The frames of interior doors are produced in steel. The wood used is certified and comes from forests that are FSC certified. These environment friendly materials combined with quality and design creates the optimal living comfort!

wind-powered-energyWe have used as a guidance the input of environment instructions of NIBE with DUBO KEUR.

We have also given a lot of attention to separate the waste during building the houses. We, as a construction builder, think in raw materials while we are separating waste. So we have no waste at all but only raw materials, like plastic, steel, concrete, pvc, wood etc. etc. Each raw material has its own container on the construction area. We also trained all our employees to do so.

We have also thought about the future and we are pleased and glad that we have built ACTIVE HOUSES for the residents in a luxury way also with a car charging point for electric cars.


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