OptimaHouse, located in the Kiev region in Ukraine is energy efficient home composed of two floors with windows and ventilations placed strategically to ensure the maximum of comfort and health environment.

3. South_west view

Comfort: 31,5 % of all windows to total building area provide necessary light, solar gains in cold period, natural cross-section ventilation with stack effect in autumn-spring season, allowing to achieve daylight factor 3-5% in living space. Daylight factor was confirmed by real measurements.

OptimaHouse suggests occupants not less than +21 °C inside air temperature in cold period and not more than +24 °C in hot period by:

  • hybrid ventilation (natural cross-section ventilation with stack effect in autumn-spring season and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery 83% in heating and cooling period)
  • Air-air heat pump
  • zoned heating by “water floor” and electrical ceramic panels in living rooms

1 East view

Hybrid ventilation ensures that CO2 concentration will be less 900 ppm. Air quality sensors in living rooms help to provide optimal air quality. They are:

  • measure inside temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration
  • give command to open/close roof windows
  • sent information to occupants
  • control speed of mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

Energy: OptimaHouse is supplied by renewable energy sources integrated in the building. It takes 65% less energy than traditional modern building in Ukraine.

2 West view

OptimaHouse energy demand less 60 kWh/(m2 a) for all needs through:

  • Compactness. Outside construction area to heating volume is 0.83
  • Optimal orientation to the sun:
  • Good level U-values of envelope: outside walls 0.15 W/(m²K), roof 0.09 W/(m²K), floor slab 0.20 W/(m²K), roof windows 1.28 W/(m²K), façade windows 1.0 W/(m²K)
  • Outside sun protection in hot period
  • Air-Air heat pump reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling

Environment: 45 % of energy OptimaHouse takes from renewable sources. 86% of hot water preparation and 10% of floor heating are satisfied by 54 vacuum solar pipes. 2.3 m3 of photovoltaic cells could provide all necessary energy to our fridge. Taking into account prices for energy sources weakly ecological legislations, increasing renewable part is not economically reasonable yet.

4. Main room_bathroom_hall

Impact on the environment in OptimaHouse is minimized. CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are less than 7 kg/m2 per year or 1 ton per year.

Fresh water consumption in OptimaHouse is reduced on 25 % in comparison with local legislation 50 liters hot water per person per day, 80 liters cold water per person per day. In OptimaHouse it’s less through water saving taps and inhabitants responsible water using. Taking into account prices for water, using gray water systems is possible, but not economically reasonable yet.

5. Childroom

Recycled content for all building materials in OptimaHouse more than 30 %.

Not less than 80% of wood applied in building from local forest certified by FSC. And more than 50% of our  producers have certification ISO 14001.

15 16 17 13 14 6. Master bedroom


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