Passivhaus Marlegno

Passivhaus Marlegno is a zero impact house where environmental care and energy efficiency are combined to reach the best inner comfort.
Passivhaus Marlegno is a detached single family house on two levels situated in Bolgare (BG), Northern Italy:

The project is based on Passivhaus Institute standards such as air tightness,  high thermal insulation, solar gains and CMV with heat recovery, in order to minimize energy consumptions. The annual heat demand for heating is less than 14 kWh/m2y and is satisfied by an heat pump and solar panels. The electric power is supplied by a photovoltaic panels system.

Consumptions and the gains are under constant monitoring by a Home Automation System in order to study the energy efficiency of the building.



The Indoor Climate is kept comfortable by an  automatic regulating of heating/cooling and ventilation systems. The house has undergone Blower Door Test according to Passivhaus standards (n50 < 0.6/h).

An healthy environment is guaranteed thanks to an original construction system called TAVEGO: the structure is made with prefabricated wooden panels for walls and  floors made of C24 boards joined with beech wooden dowels and steel screws. Raw materials come from PEFC certified foreste and  panels are totally glue-free. This allows us to take full advantage of the ecological characteristics of a natural material such as wood, reducing GHG emissions and making the interior spaces healthier. Moreover, air supply and extraction facilities ensure the correct exchanges of air per hour.


4)   Passivhaus Marlegno is a house ALWAYS CONNECTED: the internal network allows a constant monitoring of consuption and a better management of facilities, avoiding waste and saving money.

The careful design of details, the brightness of spaces and the high aesthetic quality make Passivhaus Marlegno a healthy and comfortable home to live in.

_DSC0739marlegno_passivhaus3_0Passivhaus Marlegno (5)marlegno_passivhaus6_0Passivhaus Marlegno (6) Model Model












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