Sinapsi CR2

Location: Parco del Morbasco, Cremona (ITALY)


Architects: Ruvioli, G. Avanzini in partnership with A. Gariboldi, L. Sala, M. Sturiale

Project type: Rehabilitative and recreational centre

Design parameters: Comfort

  • Sinapsi CR2 is the first rehabilitative and recreational centre addressed to children affected by neurological diseases in Italy. Indeed, comfort has been a central task to this project. Besides light, temperature and ventilation we have considered other design aspects like acoustic and chromatic comfort. Here kids will experience different multisensorial stimuli and constant contact with the nature of the park. The light inside the building has been controlled thanks to external solar shadings and skylights in order to obtain an FmLD of 4.8%. This technology also has been useful in order to facilitate natural ventilation inside of the building during half seasons. In order to assure a high level of thermal comfort, we provided a high-efficiency building envelope. We used also drywall to ensure good air quality and to cut down CO2 and humidity levels.

Design parameters: Energy

  • The main task within energy has been cutting down the use of energy and to optimize the building design. The heat losses and gains through the climate shell have been minimized using a high-efficiency building envelope. For example, green roofs guarantee an optimum thermal displacement to the whole building and a good influence on the heat island phenomenon. Solar energy has been exploited to produce electricity thanks to photovoltaic panels.

Design parameters: Environment

  • During the design process, we have considered certified and biocompatible building technologies and dry construction techniques. We also considered RIE, “Indice di Riduzione Impatto Edilizio” emitted by Bolzano, in order to evaluate the water permeability of the project area.


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