Sino-German Tianjin DagiuzhuangEco-City Exhibition Center

As the first business card of Sino-German Eco-City, the Sino-German exhibition Hall is a zero-energy building with prefabricated steel structure. The design is completely based on the passive principle, and the passive technologies such as south stretching heat, water cooling, atrium skylight, overhanging eaves and hot pressure wind tower are expressed through the artistic shape of the building. At the same time, combined with the selection of low-carbon materials in the procurement stage, the application of prefabricated construction, fine construction, efficient equipment, BIPV PV building integration and other active technologies in the construction stage, and the intelligent management and control in the operation and maintenance stage, we can jointly realize the low-carbon building of the whole life cycle. At the same time, the project has also been awarded the German passive house certificate by the German Energy Agency.


Prefabricated construction system – “Standardized unit + steel structure frame + prefabricated exterior wall system” 

The Sino-German exhibition hall adopts the form of concentric circles with 5° deflection as the standard axis, and the corresponding steel structure skeleton is deflected by 10°. Form standardized units for prefabricated buildings.
The main body of the building adopts steel structure system to improve the building strength, reduce the structural weight, wet operation in the construction stage, and shorten the construction period.
After comparing and selecting the enclosure structure, the structural combination of ALC built-in wall panel + external insulation + dry hanging curtain wall system was selected from the existing three external wall systems (composite wall panel system, composite wall panel + dry hanging curtain wall system, ALC built-in wall panel + external insulation + dry hanging curtain wall system) from the perspective of thickness, industrialization degree and technical maturity, and the interior was installed with dry finish. After calculation, the heat transfer coefficient of the external wall has reached 0.12W/ (㎡·K), which meets the requirements of “near zero energy building technical standards” and German passive room, and the assembly rate of the project is 94%, reaching the national standard “prefabricated steel structure building Technical standards” AAA level.

“3+” technology model – “passive energy saving technology priority + active energy saving technology optimization + renewable energy supplement”
The exhibition hall combines “passive energy saving” and “active energy saving” to significantly reduce building energy consumption while ensuring indoor environment comfort. According to calculation, the energy saving of the building body is 46,000 kWh/a, and the energy saving rate of the body reaches 38%. At the same time, the energy consumption of the building itself can be met by using roof photovoltaic and site photovoltaic power generation. The comprehensive energy saving rate of the exhibition hall is as high as 100%, and the utilization rate of renewable energy reaches 186.18%.

Passive shape design

The building adopts the form of concentric circles with 5° deflection as the standard axis to maximize the south heat gain surface, reduce the winter heat load, reduce the north heat loss surface, and reduce the building heat dissipation; The first floor retreats and the second floor uses the overhanging eaves of the building to form shading and reduce the cooling load in summer. Roof skylights are added in the middle of the building to improve the lighting effect in the inner area. Meanwhile, the stairwell above the roof is used as a ventilation tower to enhance indoor natural ventilation.

Passive ultra-low energy technology

Relying on the continuous and efficient envelope structure, no thermal bridge and air tightness design, passive doors and Windows and fresh air system with heat recovery, the exhibition hall greatly reduces the building energy consumption and improves the indoor comfort, at the same time, due to the significant improvement in the building’s high insulation, high air tightness and other aspects, the active technology requirements are greatly reduced.
After calculation, the heat transfer coefficient of the external wall of the exhibition hall reached 0.12W/ (㎡·K), the roof and the ground reached 0.14 W/ (㎡·K), the heat transfer coefficient of the external window reached 1.0 W/ (㎡·K), and the air tightness reached 8 level, which met the “near zero energy building technical standards” and also obtained the certification of the German passive room dena.

Active technology

The Sino-German exhibition Hall uses multiple air conditioning units with efficient fresh air heat recovery as a cold source to provide fresh air and meet the heating and cooling needs. Low temperature hot water floor radiant heating system is used for indoor heating.
The total energy consumption of the design building is 75304 kWh/a, and the energy consumption per unit area is 45.91 kWh/㎡·a. The average annual generating capacity of the photovoltaic system in the building and the site reaches 140,200kwh /a, among which the annual generating capacity of photovoltaic installed on the south-facing roof of the building body is 52,570 KWH /a. The photovoltaic power generation of the parking sheds is 87630 kWh/a, which can be used as a supplement. The single building of this project meets the design standard of near-zero energy consumption buildings, and the overall site electricity meets the design standard of net zero energy consumption buildings.

With energy consumption as the core goal, the Sino-German exhibition hall integrates active and passive, renewable energy technology and prefabricated technology in the design, and innovatively forms a prefabricated near-zero energy technology system in cold areas. In the active building evaluation, the Sino-German exhibition Hall has excellent performance in energy consumption, building capacity and environmental load, and air quality and active perception can also reach a high level.


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