SOLTAG is a "Raise the roof" project designed to be established on an existing buliding with flat roof. SOLTAG is designed with focus on CO2 neutrality, indoor climate and with industrial manufactured wooden elements. Thereby the house meet the vision of Active House focusing on Comfort, Energy and Environment

SOLTAG is basically intended as a roof refurbishment solution – a housing unit that can be attached to existing 60s and 70s multi-storey housing without needing to be connected to the building’s existing energy systems. The flat roofs can then be used as “new” building plots with upgraded roof and housing areas. However, SOLTAG is also ideal for new buildings such as terraced housing units, single-family housing in towns, out in the country and even on water as houseboats.

The idea of the energy efficient home was realised in 2005 as a demo house. SOLTAG is a prototype developed and produced for display and demonstration. The demo house is a 1:1 source of inspiration where visitors can experience and measure the features for themselves.

SOLTAG is based on the latest know-how in sustainable construction.The architecture exploits the best energy-optimising building components and incorporates the prefabricated elements so that the construction technology is correctly applied and the elements speak the same design language. The various building elements, each with its own energy function, are used to strengthen and enrich the spatial experience and contribute to a holistic solution featuring a healthy indoor climate in modern energy-balanced architecture built to respond to people.

SOLTAG is active architecture. The house has its own life and generates nourishment for the residents’ comfort.

The 45-degree saddle roof faces south, so the thermal solar panels and solar cells on the large roof area are put to full use. The roof reaches skywards while protecting its living space below. The home naturally integrates its many energy mechanisms.

SOLTAG has many sluices and energy aggregates for air and electricity intake, but this circulation is so unobtrusive that there is room for people. The pumps and ventilation system are at the heart of the house, assembled in a closed core area at the centre of the house. The air ducts are hidden under the roof and the solar cells and panels are incorporated in the roofing panels. People are in focus and the home creates the setting for a good life.


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