STORIES is a new and separate part of Guest house Stockholm Studios for conferences, cafe and yoga studios. It is situated in Ukraine at Irpen town in 10 minutes from the capital Kiev city. This is the place near pine forest where stories are created and discussed.


The main design parameter is to get the best level of comfort in this building.


A high daylight level in the main room was reached by large glazing areas. 53 % of widows to building floor area ensured more than 7% average daylight factor at main room, nearly 5% at entrance zone and restrooms allowed to achieve score 1 in Radar The windows that are oriented to the north are more energy efficient with better U-value. The windows facing south are darkened by shutters with a pattern during the hot period.


Two Curved glass rooflights 1.2×1.2 and 0.8×0.8 m ensured high level of daylight in middle place of main room and hall

Main daylighted space for conferences and yoga studios


STORIES suggests occupants not less than +21 °C air temperature inside in cold period and not more than +24 °C in hot period by. It means that score 1 is achieved according Active House Specification.

Sun protection was also taken into account to reduce energy consumption for cooling and improve comfort inside at summer time. Big canvas from reused real sail helps to shadow terrace and South façade. Perforated shutters on big windows 1 x 3,3 m reliably safe windows from direct sunlight at hot period. And it looks great at night!

Hybrid ventilation ensured CO2 level inside not more 500 ppm above outdoor concentration and achieve score 1 according Active House Specification

Two Curved glass rooflights 1.2×1.2 and 0.8×0.8 m improved not only level of daylight in building but also helped effectively airing it at autumn and spring.



STORIES project annual energy demand for all needs is 35 kWh/(m2·y).
Optimal energy consumption ensured by next solutions:
 20 additional Neopor insulation to the 20 cm autoclaved aerated concrete walls. U-value
 40 cm glass wool insulation in the roof
 15 cm insulation in the ground floor
 38.6 m2 facade windows with U-value 1.2 W/m²K
 Heat pump Air-Air for heating and cooling
 Decentralized mechanical ventilation with heat recovery more than 80%


Annual energy demand for all needs 35 kWh/(m2·y) means that building 77.5 m2 will consume less than 3 000 kWh per year. This amount is absolutely covered by 84 photovoltaic panels on the main building roof.


The wood used in the project comes from the forests that are FSC certified. In order to reduce the use of water a structure for use of rain water for toilets and gardening has been established. Aerators and infrared sensors for washbasins were also used. All materials for insulation that were used have a EPD certificate.

STORIES Active House Radar

STORIES pavilion in Ukraine is a place where stories are created and discussed




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