The NO.1 School in Tianjin High-tech Area

The high-performance enclosure system of the building reduces the energy consumption of the main body of the building, cold and heat source system and terminal are consistent with the characteristics of school building be used. With the energy-saving lamps and lighting control system, so that the energy consumption per unit area during operation is as low as 42.2kWh/m2•a (excluding heat supply). All hot water demand in the building is satisfied by a solar water heating system, and the colored film photovoltaic corridor becomes a beautiful educational space. The renewable energy utilization rate of the building exceeds 5%, and the primary energy consumption rate is 133.4 kWh/m2•a.

Grass slope is used to maintain local plant ecological landscape, and the stadium is a lawn playground. By virtue of carbon emission reduction throughout the LCA operation energy saving, LCA carbon emission of the primary school is 31,320 tons of CO2. Direct drinking water system is installed in classrooms. Reclaimed water is used for toilet and greening irrigation, leading to a non-traditional water source utilization rate up to 58.4%. Copper plate with a service life of 100 years is used for the facade, and the recyclable material utilization rate of the building reaches 12.04%.

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