2018 Active House seminar – Can buildings create value through values?

Date: 23 February 2018 Location: Batibouw, Belgium

Attractive buildings are buildings in which people feel good; if people are comfortable they work better, learn more, sleep well, have less sick days and increase productivity.

An appreciated building is valuable, common knowledge. But when it comes to expressing this value, demanding it, programming it, documenting it, what are the tools, the terminology and general understanding of how to express the values which add up to a value?

The Active House Alliance dedicated its seminar held during the Batibouw building exhibition in Brussels, to focus on the topic, and members presented state of the art tools, solutions, and approaches readily in the market.

Did you miss the seminar? Here you can find here the main takeaways by the Active House secretary general:


More about the seminar agenda and speakers’ biographies

Speakers’ presentations can be viewed here:

  • Bruno Lahousse, Foyer Anderlechtois – Renovactive model for renovation (view)
  • Vinay Venkatramen, LeapCraft- SenseMaking in the Comfort Economy (view)
  • Hanne Sjoeberg, Christophe De Lafarge, Schneider Electric- Internet of Things opportunities for buildings (view)
  • Rory Bergin, HTA Design LLP- European launch of Home Performance Labelling (view)
  • Joost Hartwig, AktivPlus Society- The German AktivPlus Society (view)
  • Marco Imperadori, Politecnico di Milano- Active House as path to Zero Carbon (view)

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