31 new AH AP consultants were accredited in Shanghai

On November 3, 2019, an AH AP (Active House Accredited Professional) consultant training was successfully completed in Shanghai. All the AH AP consultants adhered to the Active House core values and pledged to pay attention to the health and well-being of people in the built environment, and to work together for the sustainable development of China’s healthy buildings.

The AH AP consultant training lasted for two days and was hosted by Active House International Alliance, Shanghai Human Settlement Science Research Association, Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Institute, and VELUX (China). The lectures were held by Chen Tiexin, the only expert in China who has AH AP, LEED AP, WELL AP, Parksmart and EDGE Experts certifications, Guo Chenglin, AH International Appraiser, and Wang Hui, AH International. During the training, they explained the organization and development of Active House, core concepts, technical practices and applications.

A special guest of the training was Sune Kjems, Director of the Danish National Design Association and one of Denmark’s leading design experts, who talked about design, mentioning that design is far more than graphic and physical design: organizational design, service process design, and event design can all be classified as “design.” He also talked about the “DNA” designed by Denmark. The Danish Design Association, the Danish Design Museum and the Danish Design Council jointly explored the ten “DNAs” of Danish design, namely social service, people-oriented, comprehensive consideration, quality first, customer-led, retrofit innovation, craftsmanship, long-term, practicality and simplicity. The basic DNA of Danish design “practicality, simplicity, and longevity” coincides with Active House’s core values.

Another important speaker was Lone Feifer, Secretary General of Active House Alliance, who vividly demonstrated the importance of healthy architecture and the history of Active House’s global development. Through a number of data-supported classic cases, she demonstrated the practicality and applicability of Active House.

31 participants including from Yinghua Building Technology, Yucheng Design Consulting (Shanghai) and Suzhou Jirun Module Construction Technology participated in the training and passed the examination. They were awarded the AH AP certificate issued by the Active House International Alliance.

The participants also visited the H18, a building that was converted from an old factory in the 1950s. The building uses the concept of Active House, which focuses on energy and the environment throughout the life cycle of design, construction and operation of the building. Under the premise, the health and comfort of the people in the building are at the core, and the goal of achieving a good life (well-being) is achieved.

While in Shanghai, Ms Lone Feifer also attended the opening ceremony of the Active House East China Innovation Center and delivered a speech. The Innovation Center will provide new inspiration for the development of Active House and the sustainable development of China’s healthy buildings and write a new chapter in Active House.

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