About the winner of the Active House label contest

Green Solution House is a sustainable knowledge and conference centre in Denmark that can inspire guest to act more sustainably in their everyday life.

Green Solution House is a place where people can meet, learn and relax in a sustainable environment. It is designed with focus on comfort and well-being for the guests and employees. The building and landscape present the latest developments in the field of sustainable architecture.

‘This project has been developed with detailed focus on sustainability, including evaluation of materials and upcycling, as well as the use of Active House principles has been parameters in the design process, reaching a high level on comfort and environment’ outlined architect Kasper Guldager Jensen, Senior Partner 3XN, who developed the project.

‘Our guests find the renovated hotel rooms have a good indoor air quality and very comfortable, which among others is due to the daylight conditions and the materials chosen for the rooms. They also tell us that our conference facilities are pleasant to be in. The well day light and good indoor comfort room create a good atmosphere for learning and gusts comment that they do not get tired even after one day in the conference room. We believe it is due to the design with the Active House principles’, says Trine Richter owner and director of Green Solution House.


Architect: 3XN architects (conceptual design), Steenbergs Tegnestue (architectural detailing); Photos by Adam Mørk

Green Solution Souse – Collaboration Partners


Green Solution House has been realised by a team of advisors who worked in close collaboration, bringing their own expertise to push forward innovative solutions.

The advisors are 3XN architects (conceptual design), Steenbergs Tegnestue (architectural detailing), SLA (landscape design), Ramboll (engineering), COWI (client advisor), GXN innovation (consultant on sustainability).

Strategic Partners

The strategic partners are the key players in the co-creation approach of the Green Solution House and implementation of our green solutions.

The strategic partners are Realdania, VELUX Group, Autodesk Research, GXN Innovation and Saint-Gobain’s Danish companies: Weber, Isover, Ecophon and Gyproc.


Green Solution House has been made possible by the generous support of both local, national and international foundations.

Financing was provided by European Regional Development Foundation, Carl Edvard Mogensens Foundation, Realdania, Brdr. E.S.A. Larsens Grant, Bornholms Business Foundation, Sparekassen Bornholms Foundation, Bornholms Brand, Nordea Kredit, and the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

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