Active House Symposium 2019!

Active House final programme for WSB14 in Barcelona is now available

Active House has finalized its programme for its Symposium taking place within the World Sustainable Building Conference held at Palau de Congressos de Catalunya in Barcelona on 28-30 October.

The Symposium will be divided into two sessions, where the first part will focus on the awareness rising and mainstreaming of sustainable building solutions such as Active House and will discover the ways of “how sustainable buildings can become standard solutions and affordable for people and society”. The following related session in the afternoon will discuss the main question of “how can evaluation of sustainable buildings like Active House, be optimized in order to grow the number of sustainable buildings” and how the know-how from first Active Houses can be used in future housing projects.

The presentations held during the 5th Active House Symposium on 29 October will more concretely address the following issues:

·         The European Commission’s view on sustainable buildings and future steps to strengthen the focus on sustainable buildings.

·         Can we use learnings from the past to develop standard solutions for sustainable buildings?

·         What are the value of sustainable buildings and how can we engage customers to invest in sustainable buildings?

·         How can the industry support a development towards sustainability and sustainable living?

·         How do sustainable buildings affect the behaviour and well-being of occupants?

·         Initiatives to move towards sustainable homes in UK.

·         Learnings from practical application of the Active House Specifications and Active House Radar: Suggestions for possible improvements.

·         Learnings from practical application of the Active House Specifications and Active House Radar: Suggestions for possible improvements.


Further to its Symposium, the Active House Alliance will equally organise a session debate which takes place on 30 October from 12.00 to 13.30 on Active House tools and on the ways of how it can become the tool that drives sustainable buildings to become standard solutions.


For the final programme of the 5th Active House Symposium see here.

For the final programme of the session debate on Active House tools see here.

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