Active House project in the UK – Miracles by design

Miracles by Design (MBD) are an innovative development company based in Newhaven East Sussex, who believe that the most effective solution to combating climate change in construction, is to make green design the world’s most profitable activity. In their view, ‘bills are design flaws’ and a change in mindset is needed to improve design solutions that will reduce, eliminate or even turn expenditure into income. Consequently, MBD has used the Active House principles to turn their belief into a reality with the construction of 13 dwellings on their doorstep in Newhaven.

These homes use natural materials as much as possible and focus on comfort by improving the performance and criteria for: daylight – up to 3 times more daylight area than the average UK home; thermal environment – highly insulated envelope; and indoor air quality – by installing green walls internally and an innovative air cleaning system which pumps air through the soil of the Phytoremediation system where the microbes then digest any pollution particles providing cleaner, fresher air.

Each home has an annexe which can be used as either a work unit/home office, a private let, a ‘granny’ flat to look after elderly relatives, or as an expansion to the main home when the family increases in size, or when the teenager needs their own space. As a private let, this will provide support for paying the mortgage and so in addition to the environmental impact and running costs of the build, the purchase cost and repayment strategy has also been taken into account.

A truly unique and progressive application of the Active House principles.

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