The Active House Alliance is working on the AH Specification 4.0. LITE version with a dedicated Working Group

A team of experts has been brought together by the Active House Alliance to collaborate on the development of Specifications 4.0, a revised version of the Active House Alliance Specifications.

The main goals of the Specification 4.0 LITE version are:

  1. Simplify the process of using the Active House Approach in the earliest stages of the new projects,
    renovation and buildings in use.
  2. Make the Active House approach transferable and understandable to non-professionals (private clients,
    developers, government officials, etc.) with no technical, engineering or architectural education.
  3. Divide the Active House Labelling process into 3 simple and clear steps:
  • Active House LITE = pre-Radar according to Specification 4.0
  • Active House PRO = Active House Radar & Certificate according to Specification 3.0 and 2.0
  • Active House LABEL = the building is realised, the Active House Radar parameters are confirmed

Specification 4.0 Working Group Composition:
Alexander Kucheravy (lead)
Emilia-Cerna Mladin
Günther Gantioler
Bas Hasselaar
Carsten Rode
Jacob Staub
Nicole Di Santo

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