Active House Workshop in Hungary reached its goal

activehouseworkshop_bpOn 19 November, Active House Alliance and HuGBC (Hungary Green Building Council) held a very dynamic professional event.

The Kinnarps House showroom offered an inspiring venue for the international workshop, where Danish, Dutch and Hungarian professionals helped the participants to get acquainted with active house philosophy, and they had the chance to analyse the different factors through practical examples.

The event started with a quick introduction led by Mónika Tornóczky, the secretary of HuGBC. In a few sentences all the participants had the chance to reveal their relation with the topic of the workshop.

Kurt Emil Eriksen, the secretary of the Active House Alliance (AHA) explained the “active house theoretical background” based on the balance between the 3 principles (comfort, energy and environment), and showed the tools developed by the organization that support the planning and implementation process. The radar – based on active house specification – illustrates and demonstrates the performance of the buildings, and highlights if one factor takes a back seat over the other.

Along the event, presentations on related issues were given by Lone Feifer, director of the Model Home 2020 program, Pál Baross, chairman of HuGBC and Zsolt Gunther leading architect, vice president of the Active House Alliance. In the afternoon, the group work started and following a background presentation by Bas Hasselaar, the Dutch specialist who coordinates this work within the Alliance, the participants discussed their suggestions in relation to four topic area, and reflected for the Active House Guidelines material which is in progress.

At the closing of the day it became apparent that this type of experience changing is extremely useful not only for guest experts, but for the staff of the organizations as well. The workshop with all 33 participants reached its goal and proved to be successful.

For a detailed summary, the presentations and the photo gallery, please see here.

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