Active House Label Award 2017
Winner and Awards

Winner of the Active House label award 2017

The building shows how Active House can be a real strategy to improve in terms of Comfort, Energy and Environment but also aesthetically and therefore improving the economy and market value of existing stock.

Diploma on Best in New Built

A clever set of designs which aim to use manufacturing techniques to provide a repeatable solution to the problem of sustainable living.

Active house Strategy as a driver since the beginning. The house is small and compact but it has 2 very clear souls: exterior as a well-balanced choice of materials, openings and strategies where dark colours and wood dominate; interior is incredibly light and high volumes help to bring profit of natural ventilation and natural light. This kind of “yin-yang” of interior and exterior design is very well managed.

Well integrated design with well thought through solutions. The contrast between the rather solid exterior and open and light interior is a pleasant surprise and shows what can be achieved when the Active House vision is used as a basis for design.

Demonstration of the meaning of integrated planning. All aspects of the Active House philosophy have been guidelines since the beginning of the project. Good example of how indoor climate aspects and the simple shape allow it to reach a high level of energy performance and become a reference building even with few improvements. Despite the very simple and compact form, the soul of the building offers a varied design supported by precise daylight-planning.

Diploma on Best in Renovation

Only a keen eye will see from the outside that this house is renovated. Yet, the performance is a vast improvement over its original state. A strong example of what can be done to improve the indoor climate and energy performance of existing buildings while the look remains preserved.

A sophisticated and understated retrofit that demonstrates how to renovate affordable housing in an urban context to provide living environments fit for the 21st century.

Really sensible retrofit that shows perfectly that heritage protection does not exclude good energy performance of existing buildings.

Extremely interesting because it shows a radical change for a listed house in a very mimetic way: therefore, Active House as an Evolutionary process instead of being Revolutionary. Subtle and very effective design.

Jury recommendations in Best in design

Interesting concept with a lot of potential for good performance.

Being a system for a compact house is interesting and intriguing.

Good example for studying different performances of an architecturally sophisticated building with changing materials, daylight situations, impact on acoustic, etc. Optimal challenge as case study for dynamic simulations of energy performed buildings.

A convincing model for a sustainable house.

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