AktivPlus at the BAU 2015 Trade Fair

The World’s Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems, BAU 2015, believed to attract around 23 5000 people, will open its doors to the public on 19 January 2015 for 6 days in Munich, Germany.

The members of AktivPlus eV, which is a non-profit initiative of planners and scientists with the aim to develop sustainable standards for buildings and neighbourhoods in the construction and property sector in Germany, will use this occasion to engage with relevant players and raise awareness on its endeavour. The trade fair and exhibition will also be a good opportunity for representatives of authorities, academia and industry to network and showcase best practises besides specifically discussing future sustainable building standards aiming to find the right balance between the three core elements: energy, user and integration.

The German Association and Platform AktivPlus eV, which is spreading similar values to Active House and closely collaborating with it, will present at the event with a variety of lectures on sustainable building solutions.


For more information on the participation of AktivPlus eV at BAU 2015, see here.  

For more information on the BAU 2015 Trade Fair in Germany, see here

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