016 Daoxiang · Xilu

Location: No. 88, Dingjia lane, luoniao Town, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China

Owner/investor: Hangzhou daoxiangxi Agricultural Exhibition Co

Architects: Ltd/Hangzhou Qujing Architectural Design Co., Ltd-Linfeng, Zhouqianhong, Linya, Shiyuyan

Project type: Transformation of a courtyard

Shade the sun from the sun through a sunshade, Introduce indoor natural light through light guide tube and skylight natural ventilation

Through transformation, the building radiates new life.

Let the interior move towards nature, free breathing.

Realize a natural and healthy lifestyle through rural construction and rural reform. This transformation combines the active architectural concept to create a new building with the combination of science and technology and nature.

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024 EPARK (Huayan Road community)
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